2018 Dell XPS 13 (9370) Review – Is It Worth It ?

Dell has refreshed their XPS 13 for 2018, made it thinner, lighter and even more good looking with its Rose Gold model and woven glass palm rest. It is also available in Silver.
It has the very nice infinity edge display and my model has the i5 8250CPU, 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.
competing models: Yoga 720, Surface laptop and Surface Book 2

Ports 02:24
Multi Monitor use 02:51
Webcam 03:07
Panel: 04:35
Size comparison 05:16
Trackpad and keyboard 05:37
SSD Performance 06:28
BIOS 06:53
Speakers 08:04
Look inside 08:43
Battery Life 08:52
Fan Noise 09:39
Chassis Temps: 09:53
Benchmarks and cooling 10:05

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50 thoughts on “2018 Dell XPS 13 (9370) Review – Is It Worth It ?

  1. at 4:40 there is a small mistake, u said 68%NTSC and 74%AdobeRGB, they should be swapped, I hope no one is misled by this😂

  2. I am confused between dell xps 13 or macbook pro 2018 quad core i5 model. Which one will you suggest if price is not a deal breaker?

  3. Will you say this is a quiet ultrabook?? I am planning to use it in a almost silent environment.

  4. WOW! This review answered all the questions I had. Thanks for including the egpu results. Thank you for this very detailed review. Keep it up and keep it honest. I gotta subscribe.

  5. Wow, most extensive review I've ever watched
    I came by chance when looking at some reviews because the Linus Tech Tips disappointed me, and you earned a subscriber

  6. I was waiting for the Lightroom progress !
    I'm having a difficult time deciding which one of these 2 shall i buy, it's been other a month of thinking and waiting reviews
    either the New XPS core i7 or the Asus Flip 14 !
    my main usage is photo editing while travelling, and sec usage is civil engineering programs like SAP and Tekla.
    The main problem to me was to decide either the difference in editing between the MX150 and the integrated 620 worth it or no, as i go more for the XPS.
    And as the Laptop change period for me is 4 to 5 years, i don't know if i will regret not having the Thunderbolt port in the future or no.

    Can you help me with that as you had both of them in hands ?
    thanks in advance ^_^

  7. Is it good for light to medium photoshop and illustrator work? I would appreciate the reply. Thanks.

  8. i still havnt found a thin light gaming laptop, something that looks like an xps but can play average games at 1080p. heard the xps15 maxq is out soon.. maybe that will be theo ne.

  9. Hello,Dell wants 400€ more for the white version than the black one in Germany that‘s crazy.

  10. Hi steve, thanks for the great review! I watched numerous reviews of the xps 13 and can say that yours is the best i've seen. Question though, i plan to use the aorus 1080 egpu with it, will it still be worth it with the i5 cpu and 8gb? I will undervolt and limit the turboboost like you did. How much will the temps (~80 deg) affect longevity?

  11. Awesome job!! Thanks for testing egpu performance on this laptop. But it is so strange to see egpu performance on this one failed compared to yoga720. Since yoga has just 2 pcie lanes. Dose it really matter this little in egpu performance? Maybe you can test it out by comparing egpu performance on 9560 to it on 9370. Since i5-7300hq have similar performance with i5-8250u and 9560 has only 2 pcie lanes attached to its TB3 port.

  12. Awesome job!! Thanks for testing egpu performance on this laptop. But it is so strange to see egpu performance on this one failed compared to yoga720. Since yoga has just 2 pcie lanes. Dose it really matter this little in egpu performance? Maybe you can test it out by comparing egpu performance on 9560 to it on 9370. Since i5-7300hq have similar performance with i5-8250u and 9560 has only 2 pcie lanes attached to its TB3 port.

  13. the fan is constantly on as soon as you plug in the power cable…. otherwise it is completely silent for normal use

  14. I just bought the 2017 model on sale 800USD. Should I be returning it? Looks like what changed is, 4 lane PCIE, USBC charging, thinner, lighter…hmmm I guess not a big deal if I don't plan to egpu with it

  15. Hey I was considering getting the new xps i7 with 16 gigs of ram. I need it for video editing, some photoshop and adobe illustrator, do you think I should go for this or somethinh else?

  16. I've bought a this laptop in the i7 8550, 16gb RAM, 512gb SSD. It's interesting to hear about the thermal throttling not making it worth the extra to buy the i7 over the i5. Have you ever tried one of the laptop coolers with the fans that blow into the bottom? I'm interested to see if one of these help with the throttling, I'll be under-volting mine, and I may replace the thermal paste when it arrives to see if that helps things along too. I got mine as a "replacement" for my gaming PC, I think after seeing your reviews on the external GPU's, i'll probably be buying the Aorus. I'm interested to see the differences in the i7 vs i5 and with the voltage adjustments and thermal paste replacement.

  17. I take your point about the i5 to i7 performance increase vs value for money, but the main issue for some regions (eg Australia ) is that in order to get a decent SSD size (ie 512 and above) you need to go for the top of line i7 model.

  18. Hi. For XPS 13 9370 micro SD card slot, can the Micro SD card fully inserted, or can only insert half?

  19. I just bought this laptop. Is Turbo FIVR control included as a stock utility by Dell or do you have to download it somewhere?

  20. Stephen, I NEVER write any comments! But I just liked, subbed and am now commenting because of the simple fact that this included a brightness test, a color gamut test, a noise test and a real world usage test. Never stop doing what you are doing! And I LOVE the fact that you did a follow up on with an eGPU test which is really the thing that is going to define ultrabook purchases going forward.
    Stephen for president! 😀

  21. Looking at the Dell XPS 13 8th get as well as the Surface Book 2.  I also just watched your review of the Surface book 2.  LOVE you reviews.  Thanks.  They seem to have "almost" all the same specs.   I would build them the same.  The Surface Book seems to have a slightly faster processor i7 8660 vs 8550.  I just read an article with the Surface Book 2 dropping the wifi.  I am on the internet as a travel agent – 90% of the time and need to confirm connectivity.  Not sure if you had any issues.  Curious between the two any direct comparison to notes.

  22. Finally someone made a deeper analysis of this machine and was actually able to make me reconsider my opinion! Now I am not sure I will go for it! By the way, have you done a review of the Surface Book 2? That one is on my contender list too. Thank you!

  23. What is the point of having a quadcore cpu if the laptop cannot keep it cool? I tested the Dell inspiron 13 7373 and happens the same as this new xps 13, it reachs 98°C super easy and runs at constantly 60 to 70°c. Maybe this quadcore cpus suits better to traditional laptops, bigger and thicker like 14 or 15.6 inch.

    What about the fan? Does it get loud constantly? Runs all the time? In my Dell inspiron 13 7373 it was terrible annoying, even repasted did not help at all.

  24. Nice work! I am a new subscriber on your channel and I am looking for a portable laptop to be used for studying and business working (no gaming). I was undecided between Dell xps 13 9370 and X1 carbon 6th generation. It needs to be light, smooth with decent battery life. Would you recommend the x1 carbon or another laptop? (maybe wait until new laptops come out?) Thank you very much.

  25. Can you do a review on the Asus GL702ZC? It is the world's first laptop with Ryzen 1700 and RX 580. I'm very interested in its thermals and fan noise. Cheers!

  26. Amazing in-depth review! A balanced and honest evaluation, definitely unlike many other reviews, which sound more like a shill. Comment about Dell maybe tested with zero brightness — that was funny. The gap at the screen bezel is inexcusable for a machine costing that much.

  27. Guys this is one of the things with Dell as you can’t really say which unit would click – I have been using the silver maxed up edition with 16 GB RAM and i7 for last 10 days and thermal has been spot on, my issue is with bloody Killer WiFi as it slows down for some strange reason and then picks up speed again. Screen is hands down the best, don’t expect amazing sound from a 1W speaker they are ok, well who’s this for then? Not for gaming but most definitely for medium productivity users. I run a win2012 R2 VM and I bought this mainly for the form factor and it hasn’t disappointed me. One could argue there are cheaper models on the market but this screen makes every other laptop look thing from the past. It’s a great review btw a lot of details 👍

  28. Hi! You don't mentioned this so I thought I'd ask you, how's the WiFi? From what I've read online, the Killer WiFi card isn't that good (or not as good as Intel's).

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