2018 Dell XPS 13 9370 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the 2018 redesign of the popular Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook that’s slimmer, lighter (for touch screen model) and has a new cooling system featuring Gore-Tex and two fans. The XPS 13 is available with a rose gold aluminum exterior with white glass fiber woven interior as well as the traditional gray exterior with black carbon fiber interior. Like the late 2017 model 9360 that will continue to be available, the 9370 runs Windows 10 on Intel 8th generation U series 15 watt CPUs with DDR3L RAM and fast M.2 SSDs. It’s $200 more than the 9360 model, and as Dell promised it is faster than the 9360 and many competing 13” Ultrabooks thanks to performance tweaks. It’s available with full HD and 4K touch screen options, has a backlit keyboard, Killer WiFi, a Window Hello fingerprint scanner and IR camera for facial recognition log-in. The laptop has Thunderbolt 3 ports supporting 4 PCIe lanes and USB-C.
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31 thoughts on “2018 Dell XPS 13 9370 Review

  1. I feel, well know that the xps's have thinner bezels than the macbooks so curious to why she said Macbook thin??

  2. Hi Lisa! What laptop do you recommend for extended photo editing around the same price as this Dell XPS 13 9370? Something with an IPS panel that has 80+% sRGB, good brightness, decent battery life, good cpu cooling and is 13.3" up to 15.6"?

  3. Purchased a XPS 9370 last Sunday (i5 8th, 8gb of memory, UHD620), totally regret, I wont complain about battery life since Im using 4k display (which Ive already switched to 1080p), bluetooth, wifi, battery at "Best performance" .

    BUT even the machine is running on i5 8th gen and 8 gb of ram, the performance is so poor, not mentioning worse. My daily tasks are web browser (2-3 tabs at once), study(online course) and coding(not gaming) that it and the 9370 barely handle those tasks.

    Beside the size, infinity screen benzel, beautiful display, the rest is a huge disappointment. If it wasn't for the job, I would buy Mac instead.

  4. I just got the i5 7200U for $800 CAD (in rose gold). Its the FHD with Touch.
    Still feel like I should’ve got 8th gen quad-core 🙁 Should I regret ?

  5. I wish Lisa was my mom. I'll bet she's good at math (I'm not, but with her genes, I might be better ) LoL   This is my 3rd xps13-same one core I7 16gb RAM, 512 gb SSD, selling my previous 2014 one on eBay after I restore it to system defaults.

  6. xps 13 9370 DEAD after 9 mo!
    The hard drive ssd NVMe 'died' and data can't be recovered, but I can
    virus-check it, externally with a usb adapter AND view & recover deleted
    files, so I think the problem's not with the drive itself. $3k and 1-3 mo for
    Secure Data Recovery to recover files – they said they'd need to develop the
    procedure for recovering files from this drive. It's at Dell now, waiting for a
    new drive and, hopefully, return of the old drive for not too much $$. It also
    always started up like glue. My granddaughters have older xps 13's that boot up
    nicely and work well.

  7. How is the performance of soldered on Killer 1535 under Ubuntu 18.04 developer edition? Like 13 for the compact size but might end up with Precision 5530 as the latter provide Intel wifi solution.

  8. Is this good for students? Going to be a freshman in university and i need a laptop that will stay with me the whole 4 years or more

  9. thanks for clarifying the new 9370 HD screen is glossy, there's many videos that show the HD model with a glossy screen but dell online chat have said twice that the full HD model is a matte screen

  10. Love it. Thanks, Lisa! Love the T-shirt too!

    I'm wondering if the Rose Gold color only comes in the newer 2018 model?

    And can someone tell me if there's a big difference between i5 and i7 Intel processors? I'm not a gamer, but I do need to do a lot of writing, multi-tasking, and taking online classes and I can't have anything not performing well. At the same time, I can't afford much either. Advice? I also saw an HP that seemed to be the equivalent of an i3. Would that be good enough or should I not consider i3 and below? It sure was a lot cheaper!

  11. I went and got the MSI GS65… upgradable and has a 1070 GPU… thin and light… and only a few hundred more…

  12. Lisa, do you know if Dell is gonna discount more on their xps 9370 during Christmas? I am interested in the Ubuntu version and right now they give a 130 dollars off.

  13. Can I add a dvd external drive?and also can I use the xps 13 to program my hand held amiture radio ? Thank you,great job on reviews.

  14. Can someone explain to me why the dell logo is above the web cam?
    Wouldn’t it be better if it’s the opposite…
    Dell logo would still be well visible and the angle for the cam would be at least a little better.
    I also think it would look it tad nicier since it would somewhat blend in with in screen (when it’s off).
    Not a dealbreaker but it seems like an odd choice

  15. which laptop would you choose if you want to own for a long time, a Lenova ThinkPad T480 or this Dell xps13. I'm looking at mid tier XPS costing 1000 bucks and a ThinkPad with 8gb ram, i5 processor and a 500 gb hd

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