3 PowerPoint HACKS for INSTANT Improvement (incl. Morph between Shapes)

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These 3 PowerPoint tips will save you so much time when creating your next PowerPoint presentation. Here is an overview of topics we cover:

1. No more bullet points (0:18) – Super Fast trick to turn simple text into text you can present. This comes in really handy when you need to create a PowerPoint agenda or list of topics.

2. Effortless PowerPoint animation with Morph Transition (2:30): You can now easily create modern morph animated slides. The morph slide transition is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can create impressive animations in PowerPoint. And yes, this PowerPoint transition / animation is in fact professional. You can use it for your corporate presentations. You’ll be surprised how simple this is to apply to your slides.

3. Enhanced Morph (6:05): The existing morph transition has been improved on in the latest version of Office 365 (currently available in Office Insiders, but soon for everyone on 365). Now you can morph between different shapes! And it’s so simple! You just need to name the two different objects the same – but start with 2 exclamation marks (!!). That’s it. All you have to do is present.

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34 thoughts on “3 PowerPoint HACKS for INSTANT Improvement (incl. Morph between Shapes)

  1. A quick question, how do you disable morph for certain objects between two slides? (Disconnect two objects in consecutive slides?)

  2. Hello Ma'am, In PowerPoint Why my text box or place holders get converted in pictures? We are not able to edit that afterwords. Anyone please guide me.

  3. You don't need to ungroup SmartArt – you can just click on objects within a group. A better way is to use different colour themes to colour them automatically, MUCH quicker. Adding animation to SmartArt is also good.

  4. I've learned new POWER points to use in my PowerPoint! Thank you 🤗I'm a new subscriber here, I'm glad I've found your channel, a very big help.

  5. HI! how are you, Me, civil eng, could you ply vidios examples related to my profession, I will be thankfui,

  6. thx for the lesson .. also to make powerpoint interesting, you can embed video. Google ZillaTube, it helps

  7. That !! bit what a yes holy sh@#$ how did you come across knowing that you had to do that. I'm really curious

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