Artist Review: Dell XPS 15 laptop 9550 (Late 2015)

This review is from the perspective of art, graphic design, photo and video editing, and 3D rendering. It’s split into the following parts:
3:55 for tech specifics
7:37 drawings apps
15:07 physical looks

I’m reviewing the Dell XPS 15 laptop, the 9550 model that came out in late 2015. It has the following specifications:
Intel i7-6700HQ (Quad Core 2.60GHz)
Glossy IGZO 3840 by 2160 resolution screen
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5
6-cell (84Wh) battery

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— Hack to enlarging user interface of Adobe programs

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22 thoughts on “Artist Review: Dell XPS 15 laptop 9550 (Late 2015)

  1. I have a Wacom tablet that requires a VGA port & a USB 2 port. I’ve managed to make it work with my 2011 MacBook with my USB ports and an adapter that connects the VGA cable to my Thunderbolt port. If I get the Dell XPS 15, what will I need to connect my tablet to it?

  2. Can you please do a video how you got your photoshop working? No matter which version of PS I use its crashing right when I try to open a photo. I tried changing the resolution but then I couldn't use the laptop with the high resolution which actually is one of the main reasons why I bought the laptop

  3. Hi there. Thanks for your review. Do you know how i can fix the colors. I use it for photography and the images look very different on my screen compared to any other. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the very helpful video on the xps 15, did you try any kind of stylus on the touch screen? I'm looking at the 2017 version and wondering if there is a stylus that would work on it. Any recommendations?

  5. The size of the icons in Adobe Illus. is horrible on that display! D:
    I'm a graphic design student looking into making the switch from apple to windows, and the new Dell XPS 15 had me intrigued…but I'm very glad I saw this video.

    Do you think this has been fixed at all since you've made this video, or since the new xps has been released? (was your adobe illustrator program up to date?) –the latest versions are " " CC (2017) CC (2017.01).

  6. Hi Teoh. Have you already tried the MSI WS72? Just wondering how is its performance compared to dell precision and xps.

  7. Nice review! as a graphic designer I have a question, how is it like to draw on this device using dell pen in photoshop?

  8. I always think That the people saying negative things about Dell is Because They dont take good care of the laptop, Until NOW, that It Has Happened to me !! and i do take good care of it !!. Bought a US 1,600 Dell XPS 9550 at MICROSOFT store in Manhattan. I live in the caribbean, and after 3 months the hard disk died. I lost all my info !!!. Latin America dell service changed the hard disk, and after 1 week , the mother board died !!! Blue screen every time it gets a little hot. !!! 3 months after buying it and they dont want to change me the laptop !!. They want to fix it, and I am sure, it will die again soon.
    WONT BUY DELL NEVER IN MY LIFE TIME or any family or friend around. !! They say replacement warranty is only for 30 days as you can read at their page. 1 year is for fixing. How can you say a client that has bougth a us1,600 fabric defective laptop , and only has 3 months using the laptop, that you are sorry , that they can only fix THEIR DEFECTIVE LAPTOP!!, and you will have to go to fix it every time it dies, until the year pass and then good bye.

  9. I wanted to know how much does aRGB/sRGB when doing digital art? I wanna make sure I get a laptop that has good color accuracy if it really does matter

  10. Any differences between motherboards on precision vs xps? I was under the impression precision was better built for long term use. (more reliable) maybe that's why it has a better warranty

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