Blade & Soul NA Kung Fu Master Iron Claw Rotation Guide

A basic rotation guide for Iron Claw that will teach you how Normal, Titan and Wolf stance works and the proper combos.

Wolf Combo: Tab, V, 4, LMB, spam RMB (use LMB + 4 when up).

Titan Yellow Chakra Combo: X, X, C, C, Z, Z, V.

Titan Red Chakra Combo: X, C, Z, X, C, Z, V.

Titan Blue Chakra Combo: X, Z, C, X, Z, C, V.

Normal Stance Combo: 4, V, X, V, V, V, LMB, RMB, F (spam LMB, RMB, F) V when up.

Sequence Wolf into Titan Yellow then Normal into Titan Red then Normal into Titan Blue then Wolf or fourth Titan to sync with Blue Buff.

Equipment and Talents for Iron Claw:

– You need 100 Titan Ire Stacks to go into Titan stance.
– You build Titan Ire Stacks in Normal stance.
– During Titan you have 5 seconds to complete your combo to unlock the Chakra.
– Iron Claw is all about combos and sequences. Not brain dead like Fire/Wind.
– Titan combos can be done in ANY order.

This guide does NOT cover all combination variations when avoiding boss attacks. Proper equipment is important to utilize Iron Claw.

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Name: Eckogen
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Credit: Blade and Soul, NCSoft, and NCWest.


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29 thoughts on “Blade & Soul NA Kung Fu Master Iron Claw Rotation Guide

  1. I dont see 2 red wolf help you deal dmg?( i seen it in another video) or you turn off that in setting?

  2. "and this is how you build tire iron stacks" hahah… joking aside, Thank you for the vid… i've been kinda doing it right without ever really thinking of it too much apparently

  3. O sht so thats how you play Titan Stance? LOL been playing 3rd spec kfm wrong for a month.
    I just kept spamming Twisted metal
    (XZC V… thats it) til my bb and wolf cd expires and then use em again.. TBH I HAVE NEVER EVEN NOTICED THAT RUNE STUFF ON THE SIDE XD

  4. lol wtf is this? wolf really? BNS is turning into digimon now? cmon… i just hope they dont do that for all classes the devs could do a lot more for this game if they wanted.

  5. Writing the combos down on wall can help also for normal rotations you can throw in cvvv or zvvv whenever v is off cooldown and if you do you follow with xvvv so instead of just xvvv you can do cvvv+xvvv in one rotation

  6. I also seen Alisa stack power first. I been doing red>blue>yellow. Largely cause they were saying to do that on the KR wolf streamers channels that I was watching before it released here. I kinda figured that since a lot of your top end gear is off of your AP that it was actually pretty good to start like that. I just been doing red>blue>yellow out of habit. Those evasion combos you are using are very nice but I find myself screaming still trying to pull them off on TT boss one. I finally got to do that tonight and got the ring. I had to swap characters for role duties on 2 and 3.

    It's honestly nuts how hard the hits hit for. I am hitting titan surge with about 4 million damage when doing the 7 combo form. I am just sitting at aransu 6 as this is not my main. I am upping the weapon and TT accessories. Like I will do the combo and usually only have time for one combo anyway. I look at the meter and it goes 4 million after I hit the ending V once. It winds up being my second highest hitting skill if I can pull off my combos and not be trash. Sometimes I'm trash but hey I am getting better at it. Only taken a few years lmao.

    Then you look at the TT earring at 10. It buffs those skills 40%….that's a little insane. With your gear you should look at the damage values. Yours I would imagine far exceeds my own naturally and then know the TT ring buffs those skills 40%.

    I would like to point out however that if you are only using a single badge that vantage is best in slot. Pink badge only procs when you have two stacks in all points before going wolf. Not so great starting out. That vantage badge puts you into titan stance much faster. Procing your combos properly keeps you buffed and hitting harder. I don't always get to proc my pink badge portion of exemplar. Sure you get the full titan meter outside of wolf which is a combo but the faster titan stance procs means you can often at least get a second combo off which makes it hit for a huge amount. Those hits off of things like titan surge and twisted metal make up a good amount of my non wolf stance damage.

  7. I knew i wasn't the only one with white wolf.
    A thought it was a bug, but it seems wolf's color depends on your race.

  8. and btw Eckogen, doing all three chakras after wolf form is done the first time is soooo inefficient, by the time you do the second chakra BB is done, and when you use BB the wolf form becomes available BECAUSE the BB makes all 3 Chakras active at the same time and so you will do more DPS in a shorter amount of time, i am not against doing the combos of the Chakras but you gotta use the ones that would help you at that certain moment, some make you get a short term 0.7 resistance thats what you gotta use when its something you wanna iframe and others give other stats so looking at these stats tells you that its not meant for you to wait to activate all 3 chakras to get into Wolf form again, they are just giving certain stats and buffs in addition to their name and ofc the most efficient way is to just use BB whenever its on and use use V (wolf) right after it then use titan form then normal combo and so on, i already did alot of 3rd spec training since it came out and i tried what you did in your video….my way is more efficient, sorry for the long talk tho xD

  9. The 2nd Fck you to the KFM, after awakened from Top tier dps pre-awakened to bottom tier dps and what we get a shitty 3rd spec which is currently totally not worth playing as for dps. Effort vs gain is totally negative, since it will happen plenty of times you cannot finish your 7 hit combo due to mechs. GG NCsoft.

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