Create A Beautiful Morph Transition Guideline in PowerPoint

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Create A Beautiful Morph Transition Guideline in PowerPoint

This is a demonstration of how to build a simple but beautiful presentation guideline by using the morph transition feature of PowerPoint.

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23 thoughts on “Create A Beautiful Morph Transition Guideline in PowerPoint

  1. Hello! Thanks for the tutorial… I'm facing a problem with the transition, on the second round it keeps swapping the circles rather than zoom in. Can you help me pls?

  2. quer aprender algo nessa quarentena ? e além disso melhorar seu curriculo?

    faça então um curso incrivel e barato de power point!

    pare de perder tempo e adquira já!

  3. I did all the steps the same way but for some reasons it's not morphing the same way. Only the first transition works, other transitions get 2 circles swapped before zooming. Could you please help me with this odd morph? Or did I miss something during process :(( Thanks a lot!

  4. A narration would add so much more value. Music, especially bad music, is nothing but a distraction. This is a really good video which could be so much better. Thank you for posting it and I will use it.

  5. I don't find icon tools on my power poin, i'm using power point 2016 by the way. Can you help me?

  6. amazing video! but i think you should skip or make it faster for the clip that has the same way

  7. I'm glad that you're talking in your later videos. started watching you from your 53 minute excel dashboard tutorial then got curious where you began. 😂 you did great bro. looking forward to more content!

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