Dell Precision 5530 Laptop | Best 15 inch Mobile Workstation

Dell Precision 5530 Laptop | Best 15 inch Mobile Workstation

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39 thoughts on “Dell Precision 5530 Laptop | Best 15 inch Mobile Workstation

  1. See this problem before buy one

  2. It well Be Use Visual Effects??? I mean Ae,Pr,C4d,Maya….Which is the Better Laptops or Mobile Work stations

  3. Horrible laptop with major issues. The keyboard is possibly the worst I have used in any laptop. Some real dim wits designed the keyboard to be so narrow when there is so much unused space. No dedicated Home, Pgup, Pgdn, End keys.

  4. whats the price ? any other brand u can suggest apart from dell also will it be gud enough for 3D and vfx work ?

  5. I would avoid this one if you need a gaming laptop. It has issues with cooling and an annoying tendency to overheat and shut down.

  6. Good review! I wish you were able to talk about the performance with respect to 3D modeling and industrial design (and not video editing, color correct and 'normal work', since this is what the machine is meant for). Ultra books can handle Adobe softwares pretty well but they can't really handle Solid works or keyshot in the way that ultrabooks do. Also what does the battery is 'quite good' mean? How many hours are we talking?

  7. Hi! Thank you for the good and informative vIdeo – would you recommend it over the xps series for usecases like premiere and generating animations? Don't know what to buy. or if i should even get a macbook pro for a similar price

  8. i got 5510 witk 4k display and it's very nice, but this one with 2x stronger cpu and gpu and 97Wh battery is just crazy good!

  9. all the specs people can just read at the brochure……we want to know the hands on experience, like does it thermal throttle etc….????

  10. Clean nd beautiful design
    Looks are simply amazing no doubt of this Laptop.
    Screen is almost bezel less beauty.

  11. That display looks awesome and with those Amazing specs this is one great laptop from Dell, thanks for the video Akshay bahi!! #TeamGD

  12. Awesome Laptop with a superb specifications with a gorgeous display🔥😍
    Superb video akshay sir!!


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