DELL Precision 5540 mobile workstation

DELL Precision 5540 is the mobile workstation version of the DELL XPS 15 7590. In less than 17mm ow tickness it packs Intel 9gen processors up to Core i9-9980HK or Intel Xeon E-2276M and professional GPUs Nvidia Quadro T1000 or Quadro T2000
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8 thoughts on “DELL Precision 5540 mobile workstation

  1. You mentioned the PEN support in the video and in the comments below.
    Could you please tell me the specific name/model of a compatible pen for the
    4K touch screen version of the 2019 Precision 5540. Thanks in advance.

    BTW. Does anyone have an idea about the quality of this pen suppprt ? Is it
    pressure sensitive and do I need to be afraid of scratches on the display ?

  2. Unfortunatelly Precision and XPS models have a really serious problem in overheating due to a very bed chassis and cooling system engineering.
    I wish I knew this before spending 4k euros for a compuer which CPU melted after 1 year

  3. Wow, does this guy work for Dell? Doesn't seem to know that much about the laptop – making things up on the fly!

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