Dell XPS 13 (2019) First Look

#CES2019 #DellXPS13

This is our Dell XPS 13 (2019) first look.

When it comes to ultra portable laptops, the XPS 13 is the gold standard. This year, Dell improves on it even further — with a 4K HDR display, latest high end specs, and a better camera placement.


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28 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (2019) First Look

  1. Dell? Buyer beware. My new XPS 15 has been shipped to the Dell Repair facility once again. I have NEVER been able to use the Dell XPS 15 for work due to the setup, diagnosis, trouble shooting, time lost while in transit to Dell, time lost while being repaired by Dell.

    Dell has not delivered an XPS 15 to me as advertised and purchase on the Dell online store in March 2019. Currently, my XPS 15 is missing these key advertised features:

    1. Fingerprint Scanner

    2. CPU Cooling Fan

    3. Functioning Security Login (PIN/Password/Fingerprint Options)

    4. SD Card Reader Functionality.

    Dell has not delivered Warranty Services as advertised and purchased in March 2019.

    Dell has been give 6 months to provide warranty services.

    I have personally spent over 50 hours baby sitting Dell support teams to diagnose/repair the system.

    My personal billing rate is $175/hour of which Dell has made no effort to provide reasonable compensation.

    The system has never been serviced properly even though it has been shipped to the Dell repair center two times.

    The system has been diagnosed by Dell with a failed SD Card Reader, a failed motherboard and a failed CPU cooling fan.

    I have personally diagnosed the XPS 15 with an "unrecognized fingerprint reader"

  2. Why Dell xps 13 ( 9380 ) is not available in India yet ? In tier 2 cities esp , you won't find any laptop above rs Rs 60,000 at compuindia_ Dell retail outlets. We are indirectly forced to buy Mac . Has Dell sold it's operations to apple by accepting defeat ?

  3. Josh, pls know that you have the most charming and cheerful face and personality. Pls remember if your tired, exhausted, we got you. Do what makes you happy. Best regards.

  4. Does the 4K HDR and Dolby Vision even work on Netflix? i'm using a 4k HDR laptop and cant seem to even watch any of the 4K HDR content on the windows Netflix app

  5. how come we still have 720p webcams, why no 1080p webcams, is there no demand because of video calling on phones?

  6. That slightly thicker top bezel really distract me a lot. XPS 13 usually has very very thin bezel, and since it is now thicker (very slightly), it really makes me see as xps worse than it really is.

  7. Recently bought the XPS 9370. In terms of antivirus, it comes with McAfee but I've heard it's not great, can anyone recommend anything better please?

  8. Dell needs to pull a Huawei and get rid of their huge logo and cut down that massive bezel. The carbon fibre isn't all that either, a unibody metal body would've felt more premium.

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