Dell XPS 13 (2019) review: A near-perfect laptop

Dell’s updated 13-inch has a great balance of price, features and design. Oh yeah, and they finally got rid of that webcam that looked up your nose.

Dell XPS 13 (2019) review:
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41 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (2019) review: A near-perfect laptop

  1. Not trying to be rude, but his lisp really makes it hard to understand most his words especially when he tries to talk fast Smh 🤦‍♂️

  2. yes folks, throw out a perfectly good pc, arguably one of the best pcs ever made to date, because of the webcam

  3. That "great" keyboard is quite disappointing actually. If feels cheap and plasticky. Especially if you're used to higher precision thinkpad keyboards.

  4. Hi everyone,

    I am currently using the XPS12 9380, 4k touchscreen. I have been sourcing for a good stylus for taking down notes on my laptop for the past few months. However, 9380 does not support an active stylus and DELL does not have any stylus made for this model too. DOES anyone know any good and accurate stylus I could get? I am stuck with those rubber tip styluses, which are not accurate and only have a short lifespan. Please help me out. Thank you!

  5. How well does this hold up? I’m reading online that the customer service is terrible and many users are having lots of technical difficulties with the xps 13 within the first 2 years and even first few months of use

  6. Hey,

    This is Chandu Siddharth and I am an undergraduate student. I used to have a dell laptop until yesterday. I have lost it now and my parents are not able to offer me any laptop. Can you please give me any old laptop if you have some, so that it would help me a lot in getting a job.

  7. I dont understand the point of this white color. I mean, aren't they trying to go with the thin bezels, so people barely notice them. And this ones clearly shows them.

  8. Please review MSI ps42 8rc with GTX 1050!, That's like Dell XPS but with powerful GPU and what's not….

  9. This Laptop with option i5, 1080p, 16GB ssd, and 1 port usb 3.0 (why soldered wifi 🙁 ……) would be optimal, usb 3 is still quite essential

  10. 1: Remove those page up/down keys. More of a nuisance than they are useful.
    2: squeeze in just one USB type A port

    As far as I’m concerned, that would be the perfect laptop.
    Could also squeeze in a 16:10 aspect ratio while they’re at it.

  11. I'm not sure I see why you would get this over the 9370 though. Given that the improvements are relatively minor, and the 9370 can now be gotten for a considerably lower price.

    is a slightly better angle for the webcam really worth a few hundred dollars?

  12. I bought the 2018 version of this laptop. I kept it for a week and I was very disappointed. The build quality is indeed great but..
    1. The processors temperature goes up to 99'C/210'F with thermal throttling
    2. I had some issues with the resolution, high resolution was running with 250% image scaling on windows, what sometimes failed and some of the programs started running with the font so small that was almost impossible to read, usually it turned normal eventually but not right away
    3. The battery life…. huge downside. Intensively used laptop can run from 100% to 0% in 2 – 2.5 h!
    To many disadvantages for a $1500 laptop, I returned it to the seller as defective. There are some videos about re-pasting the processor/heat sink connection what may resolve the first issue to certain extent but that was not something what I was willing to do with a new laptop of that price.

  13. HP 15-DB0023NT AMD RYZEN 3 2200U 2.5GHZ-4GB-1TB HDD-15.6"-AMD-W10 NOTEBOOK I buy this noote book I play csgo and lol and Pubg mobile Do you think I should buy ?

  14. dude is a noob thinking he so smart saying nobody likes this nobody likes that, while there are tons of ppl like the things he was talking about. Just stay in your lane review the stuff dont over judge other products.

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