DELL XPS 13 2020 vs HP Spectre X360 – Which One is the Best?

Review of the Dell XPS 13 (2020) 9300 and HP Spectre X360 13″ (2019). Both of these laptops are light, portable and gorgeous. One might be better than the other, however, one of them offers more value for the money! Watch for the full review.

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20 thoughts on “DELL XPS 13 2020 vs HP Spectre X360 – Which One is the Best?

  1. DELL XPS 13 or HP Spectre X360!? Which one would you buy? Hit me up on or if you have any questions!

  2. hi, does anybody know it is possible to use TDP 25W in HP x360 spectre 13 2020? is this laptop can utilize higher TDP under AC power?

  3. Does anyone know if the Dell XPS 13 2020 version is on Dell's website?

    I've been looking at Matt's videos and everytime he talks about the specs of the 2020 XPS 13, he lists it as having Intel Iris Plus Graphics, but on the website it just says UHD Graphics… can anyone confirm or deny that it has Iris Plus Graphics? (I spec-ed it out the same)

  4. laptop mag lists the spectre as having better battery life , pcworld as well , actually every review lists it as lasting more , even on paper it is 60w vs 52w . So im a bit confused by your findings … good video nevertheless

  5. Hi, can u do a comparison between the XPS 13 (2020) and the XPS 13 (7390) late 2019 model? They both looks almost identical but i feel there is more than that, especially when they are about the same price.

  6. All Spectre x360 seems to have same problem with plastic bits. That is one of the reasons I've returned and got refund two times. Hinges are tilted. At my second unit, it was so severe that, it was scraping the base. That tilt shouldn't be the case with such a premium product. Even more, the keyboards was not aligned well so when a button is pressed it had a chance to contact with the frame of laptop and get damaged. Lastly, there was a coil whine when keyboard light was on. I was hoping them to correct these simple yet annoying issues and simply increase their manufacturing quality in the next generation (reviewed generation), but i am now very sad that, these kind of issues (USB-A port cover) still happen. Such a good looking machine with unreasonable flaws.

  7. Can you do a comparison with the new Macbook Air? I'm currently debating between the Spectre and the MBA.

    Really like your video by the way!

  8. I am typically not an HP fan. But after my Dell Inspirion 13 broke and was looking for another laptop with 13" screen, I ended up going for HP Spectre X360 because Dell XPS 13 was way more expensive pound for pound. Spectre checked a lot of my specifications including 13" screen, Windows Hello, 1 TB storage, 16 GB Memory, 4K screen (OLED as extra). I hope it last as long as my old Dell though.

  9. 4:16 wait what!🤯 13” MacBook Pro surpasses all other laptop but it’s 8th gen i5 compare to another laptop that has Intel 10th gen i5 processor. What’s going on right now🤔?. Huhuhu, 14” MacBook Pro is gonna crush Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360😈. If Apple included a dedicated graphics card to the 14” MacBook Pro, OOF it's gonna be really MacBook Pro. If Apple didn't do it, I'm not surprised at all, but Apple should put a dedicated graphics card to the smaller MacBook Pro lineup.

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