Dell XPS 13 (Intel 8th Gen Quad Core) Review

Lisa Gade reviews the late 2017 Dell XPS 13 (9360), refreshed with Intel 8th generation Kaby Lake-R quad core 15 watt Ultrabook CPUs. The XPS 13 is otherwise unchanged, but that performance improvement from the 8th gen CPU is the most significant in years. The laptop is available with an Infinity Edge (tiny bezels) FHD 1920 x 1080 matte display or a 3200 x 1800 QHD+ glossy Sharp IGZO touch screen. It has Intel UHD 620 graphics, is available with a fast PCIe NVMe SSD, up to 16GB DDR3LP RAM and Killer 1535 WiFi. The XPS 13 has a backlit keyboard, Precision trackpad and a fingerprint scanner.
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47 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 (Intel 8th Gen Quad Core) Review

  1. I reset my dell xps i7 8th generation and since then its has been going off and on with working 💔😭 please kindly get back to me if you can help out 🙌 thank you..

  2. I have been using the 4k with 512 gb ssd, 16gb ram model. It’s a beast. I am a programmer. The screen and performance is tremendous

  3. Love my 9360 i5 8th gen
    I have the 1080p touch screen model and the battery life is amazing 10h+

  4. Me we will buy Dell again motherboard crashed in less that two yrs n in those two yrs never had a puter crash soooooo much jmo

  5. Please help me! I’m hearing anlot about the whine coil and I’m deciding to buy this or just settle with the ideapad 320s. Which is better?

  6. Failure rate of these are too high. Not just the coil whine that Dell seems unable to fix but far too many people online claiming that new Dells, including these XPS models, fail within 2 years. Keyboards stop working, usually the QWERTY, A, S, keys – over-heating problem? Or connectors between USB or Power breaking away from motherboard to name but a few issues.

    Plus, they are incredibly expensive. Just looked at UK Dell Outlet and they basically want a £1,000 – UK Pounds – for a refurbished model. The new prices are crazy.

    It is all very well getting excited about one of these when Dell send you freebies but in real world use when people are paying their own cash for these you should expect a product that is reliable and last at least 3 years. How about 5 years? I can well remember buying Dell, Sony, etc, laptops that lasted 5 years but these newer models seem very flaky.

    Here speaks a man whose Dell keyboard has just stopped working and now, after 20 years of buying Dells, I am going to go buy elsewhere. The price of these Dells and how soon they fail makes it prohibitive for me to even buy one from the Dell Outlet.

    Maybe I would gush about them though if Dell kept sending me free ones every few months?

  7. You say it doesn't get warm but mine gets crazy hot. Also noticed the fans come on only after the cores hit 80C and even simple gaming and tasks will cause the cores to hit 100C for extended periods of time. not sure if I should return it or wait for the cpu to fry.

  8. Lisa, great review as usual, very detailed and professional. Quick question, on Amazn they sell this laptop with a FHD Touchscreen, i assume that different sellers have different models, have you have the chance to see a version with FHD touchscreen, do you think it is mat finish?, a cheaper quality screen (therefore the lower price), the battery life is it more impacted by the 4k resolution or by the "touch" option? any info/advice you may have would be useful before i decide to order it online. Thx

  9. Just discovered you! You are, hands-down, the best reviewer I have seen yet on YouTube. Kudos, ma'am!

  10. Dear Lisa, Thank yoh very much for your review. Now, I can decide to choose between Dell XPS 13 and HP Envy 13. Keep productive…

  11. Hi Lisa, I love my XPS13 8th gen core i7 …. but it just seems slow to do everything !! I bought to replace my 7 year old Dell Studio i7 (which I upgraded to 8gb RAM, SSD, Windows 10) and my XPS, I swear is no faster to boot, load Photoshop, save a JPEG etc etc …. any ideas folks ?

  12. This is my favorite computer model of all time! I actually love that the design is the same. I’m currently using a XPS 13 Skylake. It still performs like it is brand new. But it’s great to know my favorite design will still be available when I “upgrade”. 🙂

  13. While i generally appreciate the rigor and attention to detail you put into these reviews I'd have to say with this one you've failed your audience.

    You've made no mention whatsoever of the critical failings this machine has. Personally I've noted 3-4 major issues that are widely documented in dell support and on reddit that nary a youtuber mentions.

    1. The machine crashes out of the box (multiple times a day)
    2. The computer is unusable on google chrome.
    3. speaker distorts
    4. wifi performance is subpar
    5. sound turns itself on/off intermittently

    I trusted your endorsement of this machine wanting to believe that the $1500 i paid for this thing would be worth it in the time saved from dealing with issues down the line. After returning this and being presented with the same problems in a new machine i'm convinced you did not do your due diligence with this machine…

  14. Returned mine less than 24 hours after buying. Coil whine, flickering and constant freezing even after restoring windows and running all Dell/Microsoft updates.

    Absolute trash brand and complete waste of time. I will be sticking with Apple and Razer from now on.

  15. yo how is this shit for editing and music, fl studio and shit like that. How was that coil whine btw? was it asmr

  16. I'm tossing up between Dell XPS 13 (9360) QHD touch and MS Surface Book 2 13.5 with 8GB RAM and 256 SSD. I don't really need the detachable screen on the surface book, but can get it for only a slightly higher price than the XPS. How do the 2 compare on quality / spec? Anything else to consider? Your reviews are awesome! 🙂 Thanks.

  17. Hi Lisa, first and foremost, thank you for posting such informative vidoes. It helps me make better decisions.

    I have a predicament however – Fan issues with 8th gen processors

    I am into photography and primary use my computer for Netflix, Lightroom and Photoshop; So I purchased an inspiron-13-7370-laptop (2017) with 8th Gen i7 and 16 gb ram; however it was like a drone taking off, every 5 mins the fan would come on (and wont stop even after restarting) – tech came by and changed the fan , no resolve; then they changed the unit itself, but – same issue; I returned it finally.
    Then got the same laptop as the one you are reviewing here Xps-13-9360-laptop QHD+ (8th gen i7, 16 gb, 256 GB Pci) – but same thing, when I am using Lightroom/Photoshop/updates etc – the fan comes on alright!
    But unlike the insipron, the fan sound does go away after a few mins – so that is good news. every day use and browsing and word docs etc, no issues.

    My question is, do other ultrabooks (ASUS Zen Book or Yoga 920 or HP specture) with high end spec have the same fan issues – is that the 8th gen processors are way ahead of its time and the manufacturers of these laptops are still struggling to make hardware to compliment that?

    or is the a Dell thing?

    Thank you for taking the time to review my comments.

  18. How would you compare this one with the Zenbook UX331UN? it also has 8th gen i7 with integrated MX150 graphics.
    I'm torn between these two..! I don't think I will use the Thunderbolt out so much to use it as a reason to lean toward the xps 13. I would use it mainly for productivity and light occasional gaming..!

  19. Great comprehensive state of the art review as usual!!! That said, …and the braindead nose cam symbolism over substance continues requiring an EXTERNAL CAM??? …Put the cam in an ~1.4" top bezel sure to render the pubescent dweebs apoplectic.Sorry, for the same price point, its not even equal to even an Acer Helios laptop with MUCH higher end NVidia graphics card.

  20. Hello Lisa , really nice review. May i ask , how about running "heavy" programms on it , like SAP 2000 or Autocad or ETABS or other (civil) engineering programms ? Would it run them smoothly ? Thanks in advance .

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