Dell XPS 13 Laptop Review with 8th-Gen Quad-Core processor

The smallest 13.3-inch laptop on the planet now has the latest 8th-generation Intel quad-core processors. Here’s our review of the Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop. See at Dell:

Original XPS 13 review:

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40 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 Laptop Review with 8th-Gen Quad-Core processor

  1. bought this laptop one month ago, and im loving it, but i dislike the black carbon fiber, it's fingerprint horrors

  2. Thanks 4 a great review…I ended up buying this over the HP Specter 13 and have absolutely no regrets…I splurged and got it fully loaded with the QHD, 512gb SSD with 16 megs of ram…I have had absolutely no issues with the Killer wifi and the screen is just so awesome to look at…even with the QHD, I am getting over 12 hours with doing work, surfing and listening to music…It's lightning quick and gotta love the boot up time….A+ all the way for me and I have no regrets buying the older version..this 8th gen i7 is amazing in terms of battery life and it's so much faster when I merge large amounts of data at work…

  3. I want to see the both the XPS 13 and the 2in1 with the 8550U and an nvidia MX150. Very doable in that form factor. Also 16Gb's of RAM should be the base standard on machines of this price.

  4. Can you do review of hp spectre x360 13" with 8th gen processor and a comparison of spectre & xps…

  5. I am buying MacBook Pro base model for its screen speakers Trackpad and mac os. As it is said that mac are overpriced can you refer me a good windows laptop with same or better specs than MacBook Pro under 1000$

  6. how about the coil whine of previous models in this new version? Nice review by the way, I enjoyed it a lot

  7. I just bought this a few days ago and I’m having problems, big problems with extremely slow web browsing. I have updated the drivers and it didn’t help. I’m not sure what else to do. Can you please help me figure this out? Mine is the i7.

  8. How about the coil whinning issues
    Killer Wi-Fi issue when suddenly throughput is dropped, no one talks about it. Last year I bought Dell high end going just by the issues. Whoever is interested just don't buy it without making sure about these issues. Trust me you will thank me later.

  9. I am looking for dell Inspiron 15 5570 i5 8250u 8gb ram 1tb HDD 2gb AMD Radeon 530 ddr5 gpu
    Is it good?
    Or should I consider another laptop

  10. Good review–but enough with the tears over 2 lane usb-c. Practical implications for this product–zero. Looking forward to HP zbook X2

  11. I've gone for the i5 Surface Pro 2017, at the price I paid I could justify upgrading next year and probably still not lose much on the cost of the device, I am looking forward to seeing how these Quad Core 8th Gen CPUS run in the next Surface Pro model (If there is one in 2018)

  12. This thing rips! Love it. I can do music production almost anywhere with it and the quad core i7 easily handles that kind of workload

  13. Can you please do a review on this laptop and a comparison to the surface pro

  14. please, the next time you meet a microsoft manager, tell him to send us the lumia 950 components drivers (camera, sensor, etc), at least you've decided to kill windows mobile, let us survive with costum ROM.

  15. Just bought an 8th Gen i7 XPS13 and it doesnt have a fingerprint reader… Are they supposed to come standard?

  16. They should make more laptops that allow you to upgrade the internals easily. I'd be MUCH more prone to buying one then.

  17. Except the screen. This laptop is so boring looking. In this price we can get so much handsome looking books.😕

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