DELL XPS 15 (2019) – Buyer Beware!

Review of the Dell XPS 15 (2019) 7590 with OLED display and i9-9980HK processor. This is one powerful laptop but it suffers from one major problem. Watch for the full review!

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24 thoughts on “DELL XPS 15 (2019) – Buyer Beware!

  1. The Dell XPS 15 holds a special place in my heart it was used as my first laptop to edit video. However, the outdated chassis and more powerful CPUs cause the laptop to get to hot and underperform. Hit me up on discord if you have any questions!

  2. XPS 15 uses the same batteries. You stating the keyboard is great, not really. After 1 year of moderate use, the keyboard and touchpad are completely useless once the system 'warms up' due to expansion. On point review focusing on the crippling chassis. Entire XPS, Precision and G series with the tiny fans and CPU/GPU in the middle all experience the same issues. Embarrassment to Intel.

  3. I ordered the XPS 15 7590 with the i9-9980HK the other day (2 TB PCIe SSD, 64 GB RAM, OLED monitor, 6-cell 97WHr battery). What if I'm not going to be using it for gaming or other resource-intensive activity — how big of a problem will thermal throttling be? Thank you.

  4. If you use any adobe software, do not buy any XPS 15 with Nvidia GPU. I have a XPS 15 7590 and I'm experiencing brightness flickering in adobe software. It is so bad that I couldn't use my laptop in last 6-7 months. I contacted Dell, Adobe, Intel and Nvidia but all of them said they can not fix this issue. Just doesn’t make sense to me to buy a laptop for more than $3k and not be able to use photoshop without issue.

  5. Very thorough review. I own this particular model w/specs you have. I am having problems with it getting hot even when it is "sleeping." Is this a defect? Any feedback would be great. Thanks

  6. Thinking of switching my Macbook Pro "15 Mid2015 for the XPS "15 i7. Is this worth an upgrade or should I be looking elsewhere?

  7. What's the best laptop now, for a heavy-duty performance like animation and running servers for programming?

  8. Dell XPS 15 was the worst thing I ever bought. I decided to go for a Microsoft instead of a mac despite going into the art industry. The laptop has seen 3 motherboard replacements in under a year. Bearing in mind I never took it out of the house except for 1 day a week for certain ZBrush Tutorials. The Fan underneath is broken and I'm now out of warranty to fix it. Dell wouldn't give me a replacement despite buying directly from them They just kept repacing the faulty Parts in my faulty laptop. I had a problem in the start where it wouldn't turn on constantly it would take three tries then is gave up 2 DAYS BEFORE A DEADLINE. DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP

  9. Its not just the XPS 15, a lot of the dell laptops in the past few years have overheating problems. I had an inspiron for a year and had to replace the cpu fan twice.

  10. Any chance these problems change this year? Maybe the problem will persist until they start using the AMD 7nm. I bought an xps 15 7590 with the six core variant. I like the laptop and it doesn't get too hot normally, but if I want to play games then yeah it does. What are ya'lls thoughts on whether xps 7590 will get a redesign and hopefully better thermals?

  11. It's not the CPU or GPU that overheats on these things, it's the VRMs that throttle it down. I have the 9560 with a Kaby Lake i7, throttles playing Candy Crush, let alone a quick game of CS:GO

  12. How did you come up with that sRGB of just 100%? According to, the OLED and non-OLED versions of XPS 15 score 239% and 210% respectively….

  13. Which laptop would you recommend me to purchase for high CPU usage involving music production with a DAW and maybe some Adobe programs as well? I want it to run smoothly and handle everything well and also have decent if not great memory.

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