Dell XPS 15 9550 Review – The Almost Perfect Laptop!

You don’t have to watch far in to the video to know why it is MY almost perfect laptop. This is the Dell XPS 15 9550, equipped with an i7 6700HQ Quad Core CPU, 16 Gigabytes of high speed memory, 512 Gigabytes of SSD, NVIDIA GTX 960M GPU and a 4K (3840×2160) Infinity Edge touch display. It’s portable, light, sleek, and premium. It might just be the Macbook Pro’s main competitor on the Windows side.
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21 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 9550 Review – The Almost Perfect Laptop!

  1. Good laptop , bur issues with it are the screen goes black during usage, i do not know if anyone has had this issue

  2. This or a MacBook Pro 2016/17 13" with touch bar? Will be using the laptop for college, video editing and maybe gaming and streaming

  3. I owned this computer for 5 months and it's AWFUL. I have been working with Dell SINCE DECEMBER to fix numerous problems and to this day they have not been able to fix it so I am RETURNING IT FOR A FULL REFUND. This computer is A MASSIVE PIECE of SHIT.

  4. I've had this computer for 5 months and it has been nothing but problems. Computer won't shut down/sleep/hibernate as it will automatically restart and now I'm having a problem where when I close the lid for 10 minutes instead of waking up it restarts, losing all my work. Then there's the screen flicker issue. And how about the internet connections dropping randomly. I am completely disappointed and extremely frustrated in this product and feel as if I have been robbed of my money. Not worth a single penny of the $2,200 I spent for shit. I have been working with Dell support for over two months now and they still have not been able to resolve my issue. Even after reinstalling the operating system I have plenty of issues with it. I gave Dell a second chance but seems as if I stand corrected; they continue to produce junk and rip people off with their shit. Not sure if anybody else has had these problems but this is unacceptable

  5. hi,
    I recently started video editting and looking for a good laptop.
    a friend recomended me the hp omen 15 ax000nj and I am now tying to decide between this dell to the hp. I love the build quality of the dell but the hp is a stronger and faster lpatop.
    which one would you recomend?

  6. Giving my dislike for "Can't run Final Cut".
    You are saying that a piece of hardware is bad because can't run a specific program designed for MAC OS that is only for Macs!

  7. Which laptop would be best suitable for video editing and music production? that will avoid system crashing or system overload CPU problems

  8. Hello, thanks for this video, just a question: can the Xps 15 run games such as skyrim or Darksoul?

  9. my xps13's fan is always fairly loud and it makes a noise whenever I scroll with the mouse pad 😒

  10. Very nice review. Thanks for mentioning a few alternative laptops to consider. It sure would be nice to have a 4K display! Thanks for the review!

  11. Yea its nice but some of the prices are terrible, who on earth would pay 1k for an i3 laptop without an sad that's worse pricing than apple. The prices aren't decent until you add the features. That is a textbook definition of price gouging

  12. It is cheaper then a MacBook Pro,
    But spec wise it is pretty much the same.
    CPU = the same
    GPU = similar performance depending on the application
    SSD = faster on the mac
    Screen looks very similar
    Build Quality = subjective But pretty on par
    Trackpad of the mac is better while which keyboard is better is debatable
    The price($650) & OS are the real differences here and it seems to me that the MBP is only worth it if you edit a lot of videos.

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