Dell XPS 15 9560 vs. 2017 HP Spectre x360 15" Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares two 2017 high end 15” Windows laptops, the Dell XPS 1 9560 and the HP Spectre x360 15”. Both have 4K displays, Intel Core i7 kaby Lake CPUs, DDR4 RAM and fast PCIe NVME SSDs. That’s where the similarities end- the HP is a rare 15” convertible with pen, the Dell is a conventional laptop. The Dell is a in a higher CPU and GPU class while the HP’s included pen makes it the darling of note takers and artists. Our Dell XPS 15 sells for $2,024 while the HP is $1,499 (both are available priced lower with reduced specs).

Watch our Dell XPS 15 9560 video review:

Watch our 2017 HP Spectre x360 15” video review:

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25 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 9560 vs. 2017 HP Spectre x360 15" Comparison Smackdown

  1. Hai,i would like to ask,between HP Compaq 6710B and Dell Latitude D830 ,who the best? (quality ,system,)

  2. Both Dell and HP brands are trash. They follow an FCC standard called 'Whitelisting'. You will have to follow the same Part Numbering to replace something faulty or if you are upgrading certain hardware. This is a problem, because these parts can be so rare that they are only sold by the manufacturers themselves – and it costs as much as a new entry laptop. A complete hell for anyone who knows how to disassemble and fix laptop hardwares themselves. Help yourselves and get an Acer or an ASUS. Where replacement parts are affordable and readily available.

  3. Hi, I am an interior designer and I want to buy a laptop ..can you please help me to choose one of these.. I do work on AutoCAD , sketch up, and 3ds max so can you suggest me which one should I buy.

  4. Hi Lisa. Thank you so mach for your nice review on those machines.
    I just wanted to know something which is related to programming, i use Javascript programming for huge projects talking about (Angular, Nodejs), we all know that javascript use only single core to do almost everything but not (Service worker which is multi core).
    The question is which is the best here to use ? Are both of them equal in performance with single core ??
    Thank you in advance.

  5. I just bought this as my first dell & pc laptop, for black Friday as a recommendation based upon what i need to use my laptop for (autoCAD, Revit, designing, gaming, etc.) then later did some research to reassure this is the best i should have really gone with (as i was buying a laptop without doing research first, with cost effectiveness in mind). I debated over these two and the surface book 2 (out of my budget) and keeping it as my final decision, this review helped tremendously! love this review, nailed all the information i was looking for.

  6. I don't know about Spectre line but HP Envy (and other touchscreen convertibles like Lenovo Yoga) has very low brightness. Is this the case with Spectre?

  7. i dont know if you're gonna reply considering this vid has almost 250 000k views butttt how would you compare the pen that comes with the spectre to the apple pencil? appreciate it in advance!

  8. Лучшее сравнение.
    Минусы делл: отсутствие стилуса, идиотское охлаждение
    Минусы нр: видеокарта с пропускной способностью 38 гбит/сек, вместо 80+ у делла, ну и в первый день после покупки у меня начал мерцать экран, когда подрубалась видюха, обновил дрова, вроде мерцание ушло.. посмотрим что дальше, может стоит прикупить и делл тоже)) надежность нр вызывает вопросы всегда, но надеюсь, не в этом случае, охлаждение само в себя не дует, корпус из металла достаточно прочный (пластиковые ломаются, когда берешь одной рукой за угол)

    Экраны у них друг другу не уступают, ну и так норм вроде) до этого был еще делл хпс12 и все, что хотелось дискретную графику, ибо 3д моделирование и игры не тянуло никак

  9. For occasional photoshop/lightroom for RAW photos and video editing (gopro in 4k) while 80% just browsing and so forth, is the HP enough power? I think it would be but i want to make sure i won't miss out on a quad core CPU. Thanks.

  10. Game design student, so the Dell will be perfect for programs like Unity and compiling code. Hope I finish this damned course with this powerhouse. Although I did get an absolute steal with the 9560, it is refurbished, and I really also hope that nothing goes wrong with it, like coil whine, bloated battery, like I've heard. Or something that's going to annoy me.

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