Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review – The Problem Persists

Dave2D review of the 2018 Dell XPS 15 9570. The i9-8950HK is a beast but the thermal limitations of the chassis are still here.
XPS 15 –

Like the new MacBook Pro, not much has changed aesthetically, The new 4k display panel is a little brighter. Awesome for content creation. Fortnite and other moderately demanding games run at a good frame rate on the GTX 1050 Ti but keep in mind visuals are capped at 60 FPS because of the screen. The 2018 XPS 15 is still an excellent laptop for content creation but the thermal design of the laptop needs to be improved.

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22 thoughts on “Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review – The Problem Persists

  1. The new XPS 15 is an excellent laptop but it still has the same thermal issues. If you're considering one, do the thermal limitations bother you?

  2. My advice from user experience is never ever buy this laptop it is worst purchase I ever did I'm honest terrible computer for video editing really bad choice

  3. Just disable Turbo boost … set max cpu to 99% … in Windows this will disable Turbo boosting… problem solved.

  4. I've almost bought this laptop about what, 17 times while intensively shopping online for 2 weeks now?
    The DPC latency issue is yet again losing another audio oriented customer.

  5. I would agree with you that it's not a "gaming laptop" if it didn't boast such amazing specs.

    To me this is like selling a car with a huge v12 twin turbo engine but no radiator. Sure, you can use it for about 5 minutes, but if you keep using it, it will blow up.

  6. I love it when it works… but it keeps freezing up and shutting down 😒 I’m hoping to get my money back.

  7. C'mon – while realistic expectations on thermals in laptops in general are a must…. in PREMIUM device, manual undervolting, re-pasting etc should not be the issue! Dell really could have gone extra mile doing this (if necessary) out of the box, and tweaking cooling system (noise vs. peformance, more cooling pads – they are NOT that expesive) and drivers. Having 80% of gaming laptop in exceptional build coupled with acceptable working culture would still be a bargain. Also: why there's not even a hint of thermal bridge to screen's back, largest radiator available?!

  8. hey! great reviews every time! How to turn keyboard backlight to green?)

  9. U fcking liar, i have this laptop and is a sheet, i ve sent it twice in repair… i am a full stack developer and when i ran 2 servers and work on a project it throthles if i try to play a game like cs, after 1min it throthles and go down. The battery inflated and my touchpad is useless.. it s a piece of shit

  10. I’ve got Precision 5530 2019. Absolutely diabolical performance after first hour of use. We as a company are moving towards Lennovo P1.

  11. I bought a dell xps 9560 back in 2017 or 2018 I dont remember, but I have now ghosting on screen, a dead ram unit (so instead of 16 , I'm running 8gb) and don't forget the constant freezing/overheating and crashing. The next laptop I'm getting won't be from Dell. Never again. A €2000 notebook should never be this awful.

  12. Anybody with this laptop has problems with random system freezes for about 5-20s sometimes like 3 time in a day ? The Laptop is completely frozen, I can't even move a mouse, also video and audio is freezed during this period. I have tried reinstall, upgrade drivers@bios. Even has new mainboard because usb-c charging burned-off. And the freezing is still present.

  13. Thanks, Dave Lee for making this video helpful.
    I found this very helpful as many others. Last week I wrote a blog post on Best gaming laptops and luckily I found your video very helpful and then I am going to embed it into my blogpost as a powerful reference. Such an amazing review you have delivered. Love it.<3

    Here is my blogpost filled with your video.

    Again thanks:

  14. Mine heats in the bottom middle of the xps 15 when I'm playing Sims 3 or Black Ops 4. I'm gonna buy a cooling pad so it doesn't over heat. I am concerned because when I touch the bottom middle, it's really warm. I love the XPS because it looks nice and do whatever I dish out. But maybe I should've gotten a gaming laptop and save some money

  15. It is not worth the price at all. I am using 9560 for 2 years now. There are several issues.

    1. Battery swelling. Forreplacement dell charges around 200+ dollars
    2. The finder coating will peal off over the period.
    3. Small keyboard in a 15 inch laptop
    4. Some blue screens – mostely resolved now.
    5. Webcam in the chin.
    Poor after sale service.
    Not worth..

  16. I want to point out that the Xps 15 throttling really only applies to those with the i9 and are maxing out the performance/cores. But for most using the i7 or i5, the performance is still very good. Otherwise the xps 15 is good in almost everything else, maybe not speakers lol.

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