Dell’s Crazy Fast Ultrabook – XPS 13 (2018)

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On paper the Dell XPS 13 has all the ingredients to be the best thin and light laptop on the market, but does this hold up in real life?

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47 thoughts on “Dell’s Crazy Fast Ultrabook – XPS 13 (2018)

  1. if u have 1.2k to buy that then dont. You can get a great desktop with that. Unless you really want/need it to be portable.

  2. Got this laptop literally today for my 18th birthday (which was yesterday). Decided to give the review another look. Honestly I'm glad this is the laptop my friend (who is a huge fan of you guys btw) recommended to my parents to get me. A couple things I noticed not too long after taking it out of the box. The trackpad is in fact not the greatest. I'm not sure if this is a shipping thing, a defect, how the laptop is, or just me sucking at using the thing, but it's actually been a little unreliable. It keeps thinking that I'm using 2 or even 3 fingers when all I'm trying to do is move the darn cursor across the screen. (Maybe I just need to break it in since I went to use it just now and it worked fine because of course it did.) The other thing is that when I got into a Discord call to test that out, everyone was complaining about a deafening echo. Sure enough, I went into the Discord audio settings and there is in fact a loop between the mic and the speakers when I go to test the mic input that gets progressively louder. Wearing headphones seems to make it go away but I'm hoping there's a way to actually fix the problem.

  3. I like everything about your video except when you waste food for nothing. It would be nice without wasting food.

  4. 0:25 When you try to make it look like you are good at cooking but the viewer is wondering why he iced it the took it out of the oven

  5. This Dell and all its accessories has turned out to be the most problematic laptop I have ever worked with. While it does have extremely impressive specs, I have never seen more blue screen events and all out hardware failures on what are new PCs. Out of 13 docking stations I have had four go bad with less than one month.

    Linus does an awesome job on explain the ins and outs of their PCs they review, but it would be nice to see them incorporate information from people that have seen these devices rolled out in a large scale environment to see their enterprise level performance. This is definitely not a good option for a large scale environments.

  6. I really hate people playing with food, so I closed the video after the dude grab the cake and put into his mouth.

  7. XPS 13 (2018) or Yoga C930? XPS looks more aesthetic but i kinda like 2-in-1 factor in C930. Both are going for almost the same price over where I live.

  8. i scoured the internet before i made my laptop purchase (thats how i found this channel). for whatever reason, this is the channel i seem to trust the most.
    i don't see that they are compensated by the manufacturers, and that to me makes their reviews honest and truly independent.

    i was seriously considering an apple laptop, (other than an iphone3 i have never owned an apple product), but after an imac review on LTT, i decided against apple almost immediately.
    alienware, spectre, and xps were my next choices. but i wanted something small that i could carry around work and i wanted a 2in1 for the convenience it offered… therefore office applications were my primary considerations, and gaming a distant second (at least for this machine).
    solely because of this video, i decided on the dell 9365xps. i did opt the 4k touchscreen. linus is right, the 4k was really an unneeded extravagance! unless of course you want exceptionally detailed and pretty wallpapers… even streaming media at 4k doesn't quite justify the expense to me.
    what i do disagree with linus on is the webcam placement. i thought dell's decision to place it at the bottom of the screen was exceptionally well thought out.
    when i am on skype, i find that i have no need for the keyboard, so i take advantage of the 2in1 and flip the screen around so the keyboard is face down, bringing the touch screen closer to me… this puts the webcam at the top… PERFECT!
    my only grievance is the (imho) small 512gb nvme drive. but a quick trip to newegg can remedy that… i would also like to find a 4g lte modem so i am never disconnected…
    thanks for the tip Linus! even with the downside of the cost being over $2k USD (with options and accessories) i love this machine!
    i may purchase another laptop for gaming in the near future… so lets see what linus suggests in the future… i will be watching!

  9. I am so annoyed that every laptop now has touch, so for once i'm super happy about the base option. I don't use touch, i don't wanna pay for it. And i don't want to waste battery life. if i wanted touch i'd get a 2-in-1.

  10. Great video, keep it up!
    Out of curiosity, how does the 2019 version compare to the 2018 and what was the price of the tester in the video?

  11. Should I get the Huawei Matebook X Pro, Dell XPS 15, or Asus Zenbook 15? I think they are all about 1,300 USD, but they have some spec differences. Dell has best CPU and GPU, but only 8gb of ram. Asus has the 2nd best CPU and GPU with 16gb of ram. Huawei has the worst CPU and GPU but 16gb ram, best speakers, and my favorite design.

  12. When I click the very top/tip of the screen with my finger it does a little clicky sound, like it is not 100 percent stable. It is very subtle and not that noticeable but is that normal? I was guessing it is from constantly closing the laptop. It only does it when I click/ put pressure on the top of the screen, and not any other sides

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