Happy Plugs In Ear Headphones Review -In-Ear Cobalt

Happy Plugs –

Happy Plugs In Ear Headphones Review -In-Ear Cobalt

Designed in Sweden
Happy Plugs is designed in Sweden, known for its vibrant fashion and music scene. Born with the ambition of transforming essential tech accessories into fashion must-haves. We keep it pure and elegant yet fun and affordable. Fashion and style are delivered through each of our products elevated by our unique packaging, design and color range.

Happy Plugs In Ear Headphones
Are you looking for some stylish and durable earphones? Happy Plugs have exactly what you need. When purchasing earbuds, style plays just as big a role as sound quality. That’s why we’ve designed Happy Plugs with you in mind. This stylish black design definitely adds to your look while providing you with great sound. These in-ear earphones are inserted directly into your ear canal so they provide a noise cancelling effect. These earbuds come with 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips: small, medium, and large. With the different sizes, you’re sure to get the best fit for your ears. Each ear piece is equipped with 9 mm drivers.

Happy Plugs In Ear Headphones
In-ear earphones typically have between 8 and 15 mm drivers. Usually, the smaller the drive, the better the sound quality. They also have a frequency response between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, impedance levels of 16 ohm, and 102+3DB sensitivity. Basically, these are miniature loud speakers in your ears. Happy Plugs earphones are always made from high-quality materials. The connectivity technology of these earphones is wired. The wire is durable and comes with a built-in microphone and 1-button remote. Make your life simpler with earphones that have a microphone. Now you can go to town and show off your multitasking abilities while you’re running errands, working out at the gym, or just hanging out. These earphones come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is the standard jack, so they are compatible with almost every device—phones, tablets, computers, and more. Add style to your look and get great sound with your fabulous new Happy Plugs earphones.

Award nominated style
We are the first ever consumer electronics brand nominated in Sweden’s biggest fashion award – the prestigious Guldknappen Award. The award, established in 1982, is given to Swedish fashion designers to encourage and support the local fashion scene. In 2016 we also received the distinguished award for Swedish Design Export of the Year.

Fashion accessories
Match with your style and mood. As a fashion brand we focus on style. That’s why we don’t see our products as tech products – but as a way to express yourself and capture your world of fashion and music. We make the most elegant headphones, the worlds slimmest smartphone cases, the most adorable charge cables, speakers that fits your home décor and style and the most stylish laptop skins around.

Happy Plugs In-Ear headphones does what no other headphone does. It combines high performance audio, fashionable colors and a stylish design at the same time. Ears come in all different shapes and sizes, so our silicon eartips come in different sizes too. With eye- catching color and ear comfort – Happy Plugs In-Ears are made to fit you perfectly. They work with all smartphones on the market and have a built-in mic and remote.

IN-EAR EARPHONE – These Happy Plugs earphones are fitted to be placed in your ear canal. They come with 3 pairs (S, M, and L) of silicone earbud covers so you can get the fit that is best for your ears.
HIGH-QUALITY SOUND – In-ear earphones typically have drivers between 8 and 15 mm. Usually, the smaller the driver, the better the sound. These earbuds have 9 mm handmade driver units in each ear piece.
MICROPHONE AND REMOTE – Life gets crazy and sometimes it can be pure chaos. Being able to use your phone hands-free just makes everything easier. The microphone makes life more convenient because you can talk on the phone while doing other things.
DURABLE CORD – The connectivity technology of these earphones is wired. The wire is durable and sure to last. Use the Happy Plugs earphones while you’re running or working out, while you’re on the go, or while you binge-watch your fave show.
COMPATIBILITY – Happy Plugs earphones are compatible with every device with an audio jack. These stylish earphones come with a 3.5 mm audio jack. That means they are compatible with your iPhone or Samsung or tablet, walkman, mp3 player.

Compatible Device
Works with all phones with a 3.5mm jack.

Premium sound.

Control your calls and your music.

Ears come in different sizes. Silicone tips in S,M,L.

Match with your style and mood.

One year premium replacement warranty.

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Happy Plugs In Ear Headphones Review -In-Ear Cobalt

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