How to add Headphones in Playback Devices

How to add Headphones in Playback Devices/
How to make sure volume changes/reduces after plugging in Headphones

1. Open this – C:Program FilesRealtekAudioHDARtkNGUI64

2. Then under ‘Advanced Settings’, enable ‘Playback Multi-Streaming’.

After you plug in your headphones and you get 2nd device (Headphones), change volume for that. The volume of the speaker will not change(unless you change it separately).

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Guys, if you don’t have the file, I have bookmarked a comment on how to get it. Other than that, I am as clueless as you guys. I just wanted to help.

Thank You


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44 thoughts on “How to add Headphones in Playback Devices

  1. On my computer it doesn't show RtkNGUI64, it shows RtkNGUI and it also won't open. Can I fix this problem?

  2. Because you did not explain well how to open RTKNGUI64, I have issued a DISLIKE.
    I kept playing with it in my folder but I did not get the graphic that you have. So now I have to look for some other video.

    Note: When you post video make sure you understand that a also dummy like myself might be watching too. Youtube videos are for everybody, not just seasoned people….thanks

  3. I don’t see playback device option when I right click on volume sign on the right what should I do.. my Bluetooth device is getting connected but not making sound

  4. why there is no option as "playback devices" in there when I right click on the same speaker option that you clicked at the first place in the task bar? I can't find it anywhere…help

  5. I don't have that file. It's amazing – there are a thousand videos and help guides on the internet and none of the solve the problem.

  6. Just go to C drive, Program Files (x86), DTS, Inc, DTS Audio, (scroll down to) APO3GUI, double click and you will find the DTS audio and set it to your liking!! Enjoy.

  7. Never delete this video. After every f-ing big windows update I have some back and do this again. I never remember so your video saves my ass every time. Thank you!

  8. dude i need help I dont have any audio installed on my computer I am using captions so I can read what u r saying pls help me how do I download audio drivers to my pc?

  9. I spent such a long time trying to figure out a solution, AND THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME HOW SIMPLE IT IS! AHHH THANKS

  10. hi brother, i tried opening the (RtkNGUI64) file but its not opening? any solutions to it? or why isnt it working on my windows 10?

  11. i clicked on that file and mine dont look nothing like that and still i dont see the headphone icon in playback devices

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