How To Clean a Headphone Jack –

Looking for simple ways to clean a headphone jack? You have come to the right place. Try these 3 easy ways to clean your headphone jack and drop us a line if it helped!

Air Can – Spray the air can three or four times into the headphone jack hole.

Q tip – Next thing I like to do is put a Q-tip in there gently. You’ll see it’s all fit in there and gently take that out and this should clean out most headphone jacks.

Paperclip Lint Roller – First, get a normal paper clip and a tiny piece of tape. (This method is a little more advanced, so be careful) Take a little strip of tape and put it on the bent out paper clip backwards, sticky side up, so it almost becomes like a little lint roller. Make sure it’s secure and gently push the tape covered paperclip into the headphone jack. This should pull out whatever is remaining in there.

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50 thoughts on “How To Clean a Headphone Jack –

  1. Thanks for teh vid. Helpfull and it worked. I used a skewer (toothpick) to pick at the gunk along with the Q-tip, wich was also usefull.

  2. When doing the tape trick, start by wrapping it with sicky side touching the paper clip. Then fold and reverse rolling direction leaving sticky side facing out. Otherwise it can fall off in the phone, you can see in the video the tape is sliding off. Also turn off phone before sticking metal into it.

  3. Ok so when I put my headphones on the little part pops out and I checked there is no dust or anything! I guess am a scrude

  4. It works about 40% better now but you can't call it a jack. It's a socket or a port. Jack is the thing you plug into a socket

  5. Just poked the jack and headphones are in all the way now…a piece of tissue popped out😂..seemed like there was none for a while and I had to take my time nd found the thingie.. .tanx

    Edit: i dont recommend the air can thing but the q tip option works best

  7. This is my first time commenting on a youtube video: I just wanted you to know your tape+paperclip suggestion solved my issue. There were compacted fibers (such as paper/laundry lint type) that got removed after a number of rounds of clearouts.

  8. Worked for me after a few attempts.Tried qtip, qtip with rubbing alcohol, and paper clip with the tape backwards.

  9. My Bose desktop speaker headphone jack quit working properly, sometimes it'd work okay, other times I'd only get mono sound or only getting one speaker working. Blew inside of it & rolled a piece of paper towel up about size of q-tip & spun it around same direction I rolled it (as to not unwind it) & there was a tiny bit of dust some shiny (metal?) came out. Working fine now! 😀

  10. I got a nerd stuck in my headphone jack and its crushed. None of these worked does anyone know any ways I can get out?

  11. My q-tip wouldn't fit. I pulled off the white cotton and carefully inserted small stringy strand holding onto larger end. Delicately rotated around and took out. Now my other side is working. – Thank you for the idea.

  12. Bro I cleaned it with that paperclip with tape around it ,it have created my headphone jack so sticky,how I clean that sticky thing now?

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