How to create a Morph Animated 3D Carousel Agenda Slide in PowerPoint

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How to create a Morph Animated 3D Carousel Agenda Slide in PowerPoint

In this video you will learn how to create a Morph Animated 3D Carousel Agenda Slide in PowerPoint. Combining the morph transition and animation feature in PowerPoint with a dynamic sizing and shadowing of objects creates a 3D effect that will leave your crowd stunned.

This tutorial covers modern slide design using morph transitions in PowerPoint. Creating a well-designed and fascinating Agenda slide allows you to grab your audience attention from the very beginning of your presentation.

This Morph Agenda slide allows you to easily integrate with your content slide by simply copying the topic icons at the bottom to all the content slide in your PowerPoint Presentation. In order to create the best possible effect on your content slides follow the steps in this follow-up tutorial:

(Create a Beautiful Morph Transition Guideline in PowerPoint)

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45 thoughts on “How to create a Morph Animated 3D Carousel Agenda Slide in PowerPoint

  1. Very nice! Thanks for your videos!
    1 thing that might be something that it seems can help you: when resizing an object you can use the "Ctrl/Command" key whilst resizing, so then you don't need to realign the object (if it was before on perfect spot). and the "Shift" key will also help you that the width and height will stay in the same proportion (This will help either when resizing and either when inserting a new Object / Shape).
    Hope you will find this helpful,
    Thanks so much and I really learn a lot from all your AMAZING videos!

  2. Created this presentation using the tips and tricks.feeling very satisfied with the output. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

  3. I'm an advanced PowerPoint user and find it difficult to stumble upon something that I haven't seen before that can inspire my imagination. I love your creative thinking! Definitely in this video one can see how passionate and creative you are in the way of utilizing best practices into bringing something new to life. Definitely subscribing and will go through all of your other contents. Keep it up!!

  4. We congratulate you and congratulations on your explanation.
    I have a doubt:
    – It is possible to download the 2020 Infographic Template for a 2016 Power Point

  5. no idea what you did at 2:11. Looks like you must have used a keyboard command as your cursor didn't move, but the picture changed.

  6. very useful and inspiring, hopefully, I can take a lot of lessons in your channel. very happy to be able to follow back.

  7. Thanks a lot for this amazing presentation. However, it exists a simpler way to do the transition without duplicating the icons in each slide. Jus paste the previous and rename the objects by the same name but, starting with "!!" = 2 exclamation marks.

  8. thank you awesome but I'm stuck at the 19:33 when the morph transition is applied, seems that I'm missing something but I have done the step by step and the morph is not the same, hope you can help me, and thanks again

  9. I am loving this tutorial however I am really stuck at 10:16. Could someone please explain how the blue shape disappears to the background? I have tried sending it to the back but it doesn't move.

  10. Amazing presentation!

    I wonder if it is possible to duplicate this Effect in a Dashboard in Excel!

    The next link is a video where they do this but they do not share the development of the Dashboard.

  11. This is so amazing! Such simple steps with amazing impact. Recreated it in an hour. This is surely gonna help me with my presentations. Thanks a lot for this 🙂

  12. Great work!! Also, could you please explain what you did from 10:12 ? Did you delete the rectangle and how to get the circle (filled with blue) at 10:26? Thanks!

  13. as a final touch I created hyperlink buttons on the tiny icons to morph back to previous slides. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. this is awesome! i understand the 2 exclamation points before an object can morph one object/shape into another. why did you put them on the text? do they not morph in without the !! ? thanks alot

  15. the copy and paste special of a shape and image, into a single flat image just got easier in the latest PP version.

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