How To Fix The Problem Of Speakers And Headphones Playing At The Same Time (2020)

Fix of the sound coming from both speaker and headphones problem, What happens is even after you plugged in your headphones the sound doesn’t get transferred and both speakers and headphones are playing at the same time.

This will guide you through What to change in your Realtek sound driver settings to fix the issue, note that even if you don’t have the exact same menus those are the things you will be looking for whether it’s Windows 7 or higher, something like Windows 10 it doesn’t matter.

This is how you would stop the sound coming from both headphones and speakers, So they won’t be playing at the same time.

—– Older description, above is the updated description from 2020

This is how I fixed a problem I had in Windows 8, 10…, After plugging in the headphone in the front of the computer the sound did not transfer to the headphone, audio was playing from both my speakers and headphone.

Took me a long time to find a solution, I hope it will help you to.



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30 thoughts on “How To Fix The Problem Of Speakers And Headphones Playing At The Same Time (2020)

  1. Um hi i kind of have a different problem, i plugged my headphones on my phone like 5 mins ago. I go to watch a random video and i was shocked when my speaker was outputing sound. Iam not really sure if the headphones have a problem or my phone i hope you can help me please..

  2. Yes mate, using Windows 10 – very slightly different but it stills works once you take into account the changes of names etc

  3. 2020 still works…I have Windows 10 and I didn't have the advanced settings but I right clicked on the black 'analog' button to the left..then clicked on the top option (I think' reconnect' in English..sorry my Windows 10 is in Japanese)…then I had 4 options and switched from the 3rd one down to the second one down. Thanks so much for the help @bite-size random. Much appreciated. 😀

  4. My mobile phone is MI A2 and in my phone when i use my bt headphone then no midea sound is come only but when i call some one then i hear the sound
    What i do

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