How to Pick the Best Laptop for Design

Learn how to pick a great laptop for design
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This video covers how you can pick the best laptop for you for whatever your design goals may be.

Whether it be an Apple Macbook Pro, an Asus Zenbook Pro, Dell XPS, or whatever else you decide on, picking hardware that matches your personal needs as well as your budget is an important thing to consider.

I go through what many of the common specifications are for laptops to hopefully help you become more informed when reading about the different laptops out there and making the best choice for you.

Ultimately great designers make great designs regardless of the hardware that they are using. Picking the perfect specialized laptop for you is more the icing on the cake to help you work faster. Apple or Windows operating systems won’t make you great, and I don’t want this video to be about that discussion.

Apple’s Laptop Lineup:
Asus Zenbook Pro:
Microsoft Surface:
Cheaper Asus Laptop:

Have any additional questions? Feel free to toss them into the comments section! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “How to Pick the Best Laptop for Design

  1. How good would it be if I upgraded the processor of MacBook Air to i7 or skipped a laptop altogether and use a iPad Pro with the pencil and the keyboard?

  2. I like the idea of getting a MacBook and downloading Windows via boot camp or parallels. Best of both worlds right?

  3. I'm a college student studying art and I want to get a laptop for the next four years to start digital illustration but I'm on a bit of a tight budget. I'm interested in getting Dell's Inspiron 14 7000 series for $630 with an i5 processor, Nvidia GTX 940m and a dual hard drive. I was also looking at the inspiron 15 5000 gaming for $700 with an i5 processor and Nvidia GTX 1050. Anyone know if the Inspiron 14 will suit my needs and support Photoshop well as it's my preferred choice?

  4. hello, I visited the Asus web site and it says the page has been removed and I searched for it in my country (I'm from Saudi Arabia) but also couldn't find it where else can I buy it? please help..

  5. would a gaming laptop, like the Razor Blade or a new MSI, be a good laptop to get for use of photoshop and video editing software? Would it be superior to the ASUS showed in the video? i know gaming laptops have great power for rendering and whatnot but is it a good alternative ?

  6. i really dont know if i should get a macbook pro or a asus,i wanna save some money but i dont wanna buy a laptop that isnt gonna last.i do digital art as well as animation. what should i pic?

  7. is the 2015 macbook pro retina still worth getting? I can't justify the price of the new macbook. I use Mainstage and Adobe apps, so my only option is macbook for me to be absle to use Mainstage

  8. Matt…the radeon pro 460 is a much superior gpu to that of a gtx 660m. The gtx 660m is outdated by 2 years man. the 460 is much more well equipped for design work then that outdate this is. Please fact check because you have an audience and cannot be giving out false info on things you yourself don't know.

  9. u missed the best laptop for designers in this list … the XPS 15 9560.. is has a 100℅ adobe rgb screen … most color accurate and best gpu among these.. and the irony is you had it opened in a tab of your browser

  10. I've been using a windows laptop for the last few years and have been in need of a new one. I was getting pushed to buy a MacBook but considering this video and my budget, I'll probably stick to a non-Apple computer for a while longer. Thanks for the vid!

  11. I am a windows user since many years. Now I am looking for a laptop for my designing work. Please suggest me should I go for mac pro 13inch older version or the latest one ? and what are the cons if I moved to apple?

  12. Many thanks for this Matt. I'm trying to decide, after almost 30 years with Macs how to move on. I'm truly reluctant to go with the "macbook pro" which seems to be just barely an upgrade to my really great Macbook Air (circa 2011). although I'm retired, I still use all of the adobe apps and have just got into Blender 3D. For the first time ever, I'm considering alternatives to Mac. Your review has been very helpful.

  13. Great video, I wish this came out yesterday lol! I just purchased the HP Spectre x360 15in today. It's definitely more than I need, and I'll definitely be happy with it.—15-bl075nr

  14. Something to note quick: I covered primarily ASUS laptops in this video for the Windows side of thing, but there are TONS of other great laptop makers out there. You can search based on the specifications that you're looking for to find whatever brand best matches your needs. Hopefully this video will be helpful enough to help you narrow down that search to whatever features matter most to you.

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