How to uninstall Bytefence in Windows completely

Bytefence is a legitimate anti-malware which promises a full PC’s security. However, there are several doubts regarding this program revealed in this guide:

I It seems that the biggest issue related to Bytefence is that it has an ability to infiltrate systems via bundled downloads and various ads displayed on the web. It shows up right after the victim reboots computer and starts running a full system scan reporting about system problems.

If you have been struggling with its scanners, don’t get surprised as you are not the first one who cannot remember how this app infiltrated computer.

To help you fix your computer and remove Bytefence, we prepared this video guide.

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32 thoughts on “How to uninstall Bytefence in Windows completely

  1. thanks but i still have a shortcut for it even if the computer shows me that this program does not exist

  2. i deleted it but its in my apps kategory. if i click to uninstall it it shows nothing what i have to do?

  3. It didnt work for me, it says it is "already uninstalled" but i have the local archives and i cannot get rid of them…

  4. If this method didn’t work you can search on windows byte and it will show the program and pin it to start, after you pin it go press windows key and you will see it and right click it and go to file location and you can delete it from there. You might need to restart your computer after.

  5. Okay so I do all of these correctly, but the one difference is that instead of it saying (the byte fence programs btw) uninstall or cancel. It says Uninstall AND reboot or cancel.

  6. Im helping my friend speeding up his PC. I told him to uninstall it cuz he has like 5 antivirus programs. It takes forever to uninstall.

  7. This stupid piece of garbage malware is slowing down my google chrome and not letting me open windows defender

  8. I really very very very hate bytefence so very much! when it appears it appears not responding and I want to delete it
    I wish it will be deleted!

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