HP ZBook 15v Review (Affordable Mobile Workstation)

A review of the HP ZBook 15v 15.6″ Affordable Mobile Workstation Laptop.

Professionals looking for a powerful laptop typically turn to mobile workstations. One of the biggest obstacles with workstations has been the premium price tag. HP is looking to change that with the ZBook 15v, a new workstation in their ZBook line that they claim is an affordable entry into the world of workstations for students and small business owners. Let’s see if this is true.

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Review model SKU : 2ZC57EA (£1249 + VAT £1498.80p inc. VAT)

HP ZBook 15v 15.6″ FHD Mobile Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro P600 Laptop Review

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42 thoughts on “HP ZBook 15v Review (Affordable Mobile Workstation)

  1. It should be worth noting I bought one recently, and it does not have the awkward hashtag below the backspace, so they must have changed it, luckily. I love the laptop, it's very well-made and designed. It's not that heavy at all, I've had much heavier in terms of high performance laptops.

  2. this machine is quite good, i guess you can plug in Thunderbolt 3 eGPU with higher NVidia Quadro / NVidia GeForce for better performance

  3. i confused between Zbook 14u g5 VS Zbook 15V g5 solid Vs Performance ?
    Two is 1100$ in Our region

    Why is it the same price as Zbook 14u g5?
    Knowing that zbook 14u is less in specifications, but I feel that
    14 more solid
    Is this true??

  4. Hi but is the battery replaceable ? Ann not sure but I think I noticed in the video that it is replaceable

  5. Hi sound super but did not mention the price guy, can you please tell me? Also this look to a better computer than Alienware I use now R15. I will keep my computer till died then I will get a Hp Z15. Thank you for your help.

  6. Nice video! Do you recommend it with a configuration of 8gb ram and ssd pci for cad use and rendering (like lumion) or ram isn't enough to you?

  7. does the thunderbolt port support power delivery? (can the zbook be partially/totally charged by usb-c)?

  8. I have the possibility to buy this modell for 1400€. It possess the maximal equipment. Is it a good deal?

  9. Hi there, thanks for the review. What would you choose between this an the Omen? Majorly used for CAD, rendering and Photoshop. My fears with the zBook is the RGB limitations. Thanks!

  10. Hi. You say the Notebook is very solid, but it looks like it is very flexible. Is it just the underlay?
    Is the solidness comparable with the Zbook 15u g5?

  11. Thank you for the excellent review.
    I've been doing a lot of research on which laptop to buy, as I'm a structural engineer starting a small business and I will study my Master's degree in the UK in September. I think this laptop is the one. I found it in Newegg with a discount for $1,250 USD.

  12. I have the pavillon 15 it is the same frame. The touchpad is glass here and there is a fingerprint reader. I have a I5 H and 1050ti. I don't know if the batterielife is better or not

  13. Wow! This was solid review! I’m sure to buy this laptop for my SolidWorks class… Thank you! Plus what not to like about that nice English pronunciation. A++ video.

  14. for HP ZBook 15v Model unable to extend external monitor , after installing graphics drivers same issue. we ahve connected thunder-bold docking but to much slow response to detect

  15. I have the ZBook Studio G5 with a Xeon 6 cores 12 threads processor, a Quadro p1000 and the 4K dreamcolor screen and its a beast, a lot better than any laptop with and i7 or gtx 1080 / or amd card for After effects or 3D/VFX softwares. Even this Quadro P600 will be a good choice for a mobile workstation.

  16. Hi,

    For model we are facing Touchpad scroll issue, also not finding proper drivers on the website.

    Please help us to troubleshoot .

  17. Thank you for reviewing this model. There's very few reviews of HP mobile workstations. Yet these are very nice machines

  18. i can only say: amazing and thank you 🙂 I've bought it last week and I'd say that the pros are that it's fast and doesn't heat up, and cons being really dim display and a fast drainning battery. nevertheless I'm one happy architecture student 🙂

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