Laptop Web UI Design Tutorial For Beginners

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In this episode we are going to be using Figma to create a simple web UI design based on a laptop.
We are going to explore all the tools in Figma and look at some basics of web design and UI in general.

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44 thoughts on “Laptop Web UI Design Tutorial For Beginners

  1. when I'm doing drop shadow that cover my full image in rectangle shape, I only want the object to give shadow pls tell how can I do set that

  2. the grid though made an awesome background. Could that be done with code, or would I have to use an image?

  3. So I have a question Dev Ed. I need a smartphone to do UI design…right?! Do I need a laptop? Where can you teach me to learn UI design from my smartphone…

  4. Thank you for taking time out to put out great videos. I have been watching and practising figma with your video. Thanks a lot. Regards from Nigeria

  5. I created a similar looking UI. Tell me how did I do? here's the link

  6. "You're not just gonna look for a random texture here and put it in your website, like this banana cactus." Challenge accepted!

  7. Figma tutorials are what makes you unique as a programer on youtube. You mix the design and coding skill perfectly .

  8. Sir Ed! Hope your doing good… I liked the video n looking forward for more websites examples them using the figma tool…. Thanks =)

  9. I have so much respect for people like you that creates such a good content on the internet that poeple can learn from. You sir are a true legend!

  10. Very helpful design! If you could make a video on using one’s own images, how to scale them properly, resizing them for the web, etc. I know it’s really basic for most, but I’m very new to all of it. And I would really prefer to use my own images, but I’m having difficulty doing so. Many thanks for your tutorials, they are such a huge help… Cheers!

  11. Hey Ed, awesome video, there is a way of Figma generate the .css code? If yes, bring some video about that!!

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