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Check out this tutorial and learn how to use MOMENTUM True Wireless.

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43 thoughts on “MOMENTUM True Wireless – How to use | Sennheiser

  1. My pair drain in the box. The only times I’ve reached for them and they have no power!!
    How can I turn them off after using so they won’t drain in a matter of days?

  2. I like the earphones, but the double-tap functions almost never work. Trying to get transparency mode to work is a matter of luck. I can't use the app either, because it doesn't support my (older) phone.

  3. Avoid this faulty product. Dead after a week's use. Don't waste your money and also your time with their support since it's a joke and they won't give a damn!

  4. left earbud no sounds coming out, i hope sennheiser will address this problem so many complaining about this on google, or it is just the latest firmware that ruin the earbuds.

  5. Hello! Serious question. I accidentally dropped my left earbud and one of my dogs completely demolished it. Is there any way to buy or replace a single earbud? Or, what exactly does warranty cover? Etc. Help!!

  6. I have bought so many Sennheiser products, and while the sound on these is great. The batter drains so quickly while it's in the case and there doesn't seem to be a fix I'm aware of. Not sure how they allowed these to market like this.

  7. How to show each side battery percentage on apps? Why my apps only show up total battery percentage? Please help (apple and android user)

  8. Finally a video that allowed me to connect my momentum wireless to Oppo Reno Ace and S9 plus and tabs. I was thinking my earbuds were defective for last 3 weeks. thanks a bunch for this clear video

  9. I finally bought them. But I really have a problem getting them right in my ears, it hurts and I've tried all sizes already. So I lose them sometimes. Do more people suffer from this, or are they not made for small ears? I don't know if I'm going to keep them, i'm really disappointed because I really wanted them.

  10. Can we get a setting on the app to enable the case to charge or not to charge when we put buds in case. That will kill battery over time. I don’t wanna charge a 80% battery ???? You will waist the life of the battery . Allow us to press the button on the case to allow charge. For now I lay my buds on top of the case . Only put them in the case when have too. Pleas fix this .

  11. If you are wondering what those fancy words mean I.e wide sound stage, instrument separation buy a pair of Momentum TWS ! Simply amazing sound quality👌

  12. I bought this black friday 2019, it's February 2020, and my left ear bud stopped working. I can hear the click when press it to skip songs, but no music comes out unless I press the left ear bud and then it goes again. I left it in the charger case and I'm charging the case also. I don't think I'll get a replacement for this. This is unacceptable. Its an expensive pair of headphones.

  13. My right headphone doesn’t play audio and I’ve tried many songs. I’ve reset them, updated them, let them die and charged them, but nothing works. Please help!

  14. My right earbud isn't working at all. The LED isn't turning on, while the left is. Anything I can do? I tried charging the case and no improvement so far.

  15. They come with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, but no charging plug.

    Is there any restrictions on what USB-A that I can plug it into?

    Can I plug it into any fast charger?

  16. They might sound great however I have to constantly pair with my phone and with the app. I regret buying them, I prefer less sound quality for a more reliable set from another company.

  17. I don't why can't connect with iPhone 11pro I'm trying so much time but another my connected well problem only iPhone 11 pro

  18. My senn heiser wont turn on, their is a red light that comes on in the left ear no sound, does not want to pair, the earbuds feel like they are just dead..

  19. I got disappointed this afternoon when the left and right audio started fading in respective directions if I moved to sudden. Moments later the left side is not keeping audio unless I hold it in a lucky position for a short moment but it will cut out. Amazing to have this issue one or two weeks into it. No warning signs of this coming but I’m down on Sennheiser for putting me through this. It is a useful technology but the components just doesn’t appear ready for this as advertised yet. Needless to say I can’t trust a reputation that appears to sell halfway efficient merchandise. I’d much rather wait for when it is ready than be treated like I’m stupid enough to accept anything.

  20. I just bought Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and I’m having a issue of right ear bud not playing. However, controls still works from both earbuds.

  21. Hello, can i ask for a question, those ear bud can work on one as one. Already checked only worked on right ear, the left can't. Can anyone help me.

  22. My right earbud had some crackling and cutting in and out and eventually went almost dead, with some small crackles of sound. Guess price doesn't guarantee quality. Well I guess it's back to my $40 cheap chinese ones that have served me well for over a year. I don't hear the difference tbh 🙂

  23. Just got these. Sound quality is incredible. Germans did great job on that. Only battery is not that good, but if you keep the case charged no issues so far..

  24. Gorgeous sound quality, makes me feel as if I’m carrying the whole concert in my head. Damn these perfectionist germans..

  25. I bought this headphones last week till today I didn't have any problem…. Now only right side is working and left side not I don't know why

  26. Falwed product. Has battery and bluetooth glitches amongst other things.. Have returned the junky product. Waiting for ver 2. 0 before I spend money on that sly crafty Brand that's possibly inspired by VW's disgusting cheating behavior.

  27. All I can say is that I am disappointed with the product and with customer support. I had mines for 1 month and in this 1 month my left earbud just stopped working, there is no audio anymore. I had also other issues with the case not charging but that resolved itself somehow… this problem with my left earbud I had to turn back to the seller, I thought okay no problem 1 hour drive to the store, and I will just return the broken ones and get the new ones on spot (is well within the 1 year guaranty + I have bought the 2 years warranty) but of course not. they have to send it back to sennheiser first to see if they can repair it before they will give me a new ones ( the problem is quite known on the internet, multiple reddit post saying they couldn't fix it and that they just gave them the refund) but my seller ( Mediamarkt) refused to do so, and I have to wait 2 fucking weeks till I get new ones ffs, just unbeliavble for earphones that cost a lil bit less then 300eur such quality and support just awful really..

  28. Am i the only one who feels max volume is not enough ? I am using them with my iphone and i can definately tell that max volume is not satisfied me

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