Most Versatile Windows Laptop – Dell XPS 15

After searching around for many years for a suitable laptop for me, I finally came across the Dell XPS 15. A wonderful blend of power, portability and a selection of other fantastic features all in one package 🙂

I have very few complaints for this laptop overall, I realize I didn’t really mention many in the video which is surprising.

I didn’t go into tremendous detail on the laptop but I will a bit more here. I have been very obsessed over the years with finding the right laptop.

Speakers: great for laptop (IMO)

Fan noise: more then reasonable

Temperatures: fine if you prop it up while doing intense things

Power: excellent for my needs

Battery life: outstanding

Screen: Bright, color accurate, super

Build quality: Top of the line (for Windows)

Price: Perfecto, and even better if you find it on sale like me with discount codes!

Portability: I have no problem taking it with me daily for classes, or just in general. I personally almost always have my laptop with me so this is very important. Power brick isn’t too big/heavy also.

Very happy with it as a whole and look forward to using it to get lots and lots of work done!

Dell XPS 15 9570

i7 8750H
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
1080p IPS Matte Display

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21 thoughts on “Most Versatile Windows Laptop – Dell XPS 15

  1. heyooo, another random IRL video for ya

    If you are okay with seeing more videos like this one, be sure to leave a like on the video, seriously helps so much. Love you all fr

  2. Dell xps 15 9570 i5 4k – dell xps 15 9570 i7 fhd, what should i buy ? ( Sorry for my bad english )

  3. Actually, you can get a Matt screen glass protector with anti-glare properties that can help with the glossy screen on your old XPS

  4. Man, You are awesome. Your video is more useful than most of the boring tech reviews that i've seen for this laptop. You've convinced me.

  5. If I am going to use it primarily for editing photos do you think I should get the 4K version because it has that 100 % Adobe/sRGB accuracy? And maybe buy a power bank? What would you go for? Thank you!

  6. Man such reviews are so annoying, i want to see the product and not a face talking all the time. No hate, but i see so many people doing this, is everyone here so narcissistic?

  7. Nice Outdoortest! Ty Mike! can you test the screen against the one of the HP zbook 15 G5 ??? or the 840 G5?

  8. Asus Zenbook 15 (ux580) or Dell XPS 15 (9570), same specs, same price?(I7, 1050ti, 4k, 512ssd)
    It would be for video editing, and casual gaming. Builld quality, and battery life matters, not sure which brand is better!?

  9. Really nice review I definitely agree with what you said about the wireless card and the design, few things to point out tho-
    I have a 9550 with the 4K display, and to get rid of the glossy coating I bought a matte screen protector for £2 on eBay.
    Not only does that get rid of the reflection and glare, but it also means no smudgy fingerprints when using the touchscreen.

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