New Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Review (2020 version) – Intel Ice Lake Processor with Iris Graphics

Buy on at Dell (affiliate link) – – The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 offers great performance in a small form factor. Even games do pretty well on this one! Check out all the details in this in-depth review. See more laptops: and subscribe!

0:00 – Intro
00:55 – Hardware Overview
00:57 – Price
01:10 – Processor
01:41 – RAM & Storage
01:47 – Not Upgradeable
02:10 – Display
02:52 – Webcam
03:25 – Build Quality
03:40 – Weight
04:14 – Keyboard
04:59 – Trackpad
05:22 – Thunderbolt 3 ports
06:24 – Speakers
06:44 – Battery Life
07:25 – Fan Noise & Coil Whine
08:42 – Active pen support
10:53 – Performance: Web Browsing
11:22 – Performance: YouTube
11:39 – Speedometer Test
12:09 – Gaming: Rocket League
12:46 – Gaming: GTA V
13:15 – Gaming: Witcher 3
13:43 – Driver Issues
13:59 – 3dMark Cloudgate Test
16:20 – Linux
17:07 – Conclusion

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33 thoughts on “New Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Review (2020 version) – Intel Ice Lake Processor with Iris Graphics

  1. This looks like the 2019 model with the new CPU upgraded coz the new model u can lift the screen up with one finger.

  2. I've got two questions:
    is the keyboard the same as in the non convertible XPS 13 2020?
    and is the SSD on this one really not upgradeable? because I'm pretty sure in the non convertible it's upgradable.
    Any help is appreciated thank you!

  3. I am confused:
    Title says (2020), but in the comparison table you are highlighting 2019.
    Also you don't mention a specific model number.

  4. apple should make their macbook pro line up into 2-1's – if you need touch screen to write on, etc. – you need to carry your ipad. then if you want to work on that project on a full desktop app you need to transfer the file to mac – carrying around 2 devices is nuts

  5. I noticed when you where drawing straight lines there was some wave to them. Thats been an issue with alot of drawing screens and I just wanted to know if you were drawing those waves or if the computer was doing that itself. Drawing diagonal lines slowly is a good test.

  6. For me (switching from rMBP2015 late), your review includes touchpad is invaluable. So few reviewers do this. Thank you!

  7. First time watching Lon. Very well done video, so I decided to subscribe. Similar to the Lenovo C940 and the HP Spectre 360, I can't help feeling like this devices are so close to checking all the boxes, but a year away from one of them actually doing it. Hesitant to get this device due to the coil whine issues so many are complaining about. That would uncheck one of my boxes. I also think the battery should have been bigger with a keyboard with a bit more travel. Otherwise, looks like an excellent device, but I think I'm going to hold off on my purchase until I see what 2020 brings.

  8. I picked one up – nice little machine, but PopOS (an Ubuntu derivative) doesn't boot on it. I'm just stuck at the Dell logo with a tiny little cursor in the upper-left. Did yours require any special BIOS settings to get it to boot from a USB stick? I know that I'll have to switch the SATA settings from RAID to AHCI, but that should only affect the internal SSD. Not sure what's going on with the USB boot.

  9. Pretty good review but the "i believe"s and the "i think"s don't exact instill confidence and take away from the quality of an otherwise good video

  10. Scott Adams who draws "Dilbert" uses a disposable gauze like glove with no fingers to draw on his screen and prevent smudges and errors by his hand if it grazes the screen.

  11. Thunderbolt 3 on 10th gen is significantly better for eGPU usage (compared to previous gens) as the TB controller is directly in the CPU, resulting in less latency and better performance (framerate)

  12. So first off, I hate to still be "that guy" but testing Linux performance from a live USB install environment isn't the true or best way to test performance and compatibility (in my humble opinion and partially from experience). It's not too hard to make a partition on the internal SSD and install Ubuntu or whatever Linux you're testing to run it natively. That'll likely paint a different picture. Some things might need more configuration, and other things might just work, as they do in the Live environment. For this one I won't knock on you too hard because I'm sure you're under time constraints since this 2-in-1 is on loan from Dell, but that's just my general gripe when you "test" Linux on laptops you get in for review/testing.

    And second and lastly, I always admire your production quality and attention to detail and presence in front of the camera. Keep that up! 🙂 I have ideas I want to do on my channel, but I don't have the money to get the gear I want to fiddle with on video. I won't say what my ideas are so as for them to not be stolen and done before I have a chance to film it, but yeah. If I needed a new laptop/tablet combo like this Dell 2-in-1, I'd maybe consider this guy. I'm not really a gamer, so this'd fit me nicely. the USB-C/TB3 ports allowing for eGPUs is also awesome, so I could game like that if I wanted to sink more money into it… Anyway, great video and sorry for being overly critical… it's a sort of trigger for me haha.

  13. Great review. The Dell XPS always strikes me as the best of the best (non-gaming) machine, I can definitely see the appeal. Having Ubuntu support is also a good bonus.

  14. Check the reviews from buyers. 25% busted on delivery rate. These video reviews never show the nightmare we users are faced with when buying dell. Love Lon though.

  15. This is the best YouTube channel ever I wish you had more subscribers you are better then t series and pewdiepie combined

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