Only One AirPod Working? Here's How to Fix!

AirPods and ‌AirPods‌ 2 are designed to work seamlessly with all of Apple’s Bluetooth-supporting devices, and nine times out of ten the wireless earbuds live up their billing, but that doesn’t mean they work perfectly for everyone one hundred percent of the time.

A particularly irritating problem that can sometimes occur is when one AirPod drops the connection intermittently or stops working altogether for no apparent reason. If you’ve been hit by this bug, following the steps below should help you resolve it.

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37 thoughts on “Only One AirPod Working? Here's How to Fix!

  1. OMG !! It worked !! i had contacted apple after resetting and cleaning them so many times and nothing worked you are the first one to mention the reset network settings and this worked for me !!!!! THANK YOUUU

  2. Thank u so much I tried this first it would not work my mom took them to work called in and they said to update my phone I did did not work then I restarted my AirPods it works so thank u

  3. My AirPods 2 aren’t working 1 of them aren’t connecting to my phone and they don’t want to reset either and nothing works.what should I do

  4. I turned off automatic ear detection and it works now but all you have to do before use is manually connect it

  5. See, my problem is, long story short, I lost my left AirPod, and had to buy another one, tried connecting it to my phone with the right one, and it wasn’t working. But, later that night I, some fucking how, got them both to work for me at the same time. Woke up that next morning, and one of them was disconnected. So basically my problem is, that both of them can’t work at the same time. Like they both work, but only individually. And every time I put both of them in the case, my case flashes orange, so I can never connect them both at the same time, if anyone can help, that would be so rad, thank you.

  6. You are a lifesaver !!!!! my airpods suddenly stopped working and then I tried to clean them but it didn't work and then I found your video and tried it and it definitely works thank you so much!!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this! After resetting the network settings and then reconnecting my AirPods, both finally work!

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