SMOOREZ has a go at fixing a "FAULTY" iPhone X from Cash Converters! A Laid Back Repair + Rambling!

Here is a random repair video for you all!

As some of you may know, I mostly do repairs behind the scenes on laptops, phones etc. Most of the time I spend hours just listening to music while I repair and I thought today, why not set up my equipment and just let the camera roll while I repair and thus – this video was made.

If you want to see more of these very laid back, relax and chill videos that aren’t meant to be taken serious then let me know and I can do some more of them. Nothing fancy here, no different camera angles or anything. Just the usual SMOOREZ stuff but with more rambling!

Anyways, this device was bought from one of many close Cash Converters stores for $380 AUD. It’s selling refurbished from Apple for $599, so I got it at a reasonable price. However, what’s wrong with it?
Well, that’s why this video exists, to show the very small errors I fixed during the video that could’ve been done by someone at Cash Converters in a couple of minutes. Watch the video and you will get the idea.

Odd Tinkering:

Hugh Jeffreys:

Be good people alright!
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Mick Gordon – BFG 10,000 (Doom Eternal Soundtrack) (Speaker Test & Outro)
Intro – made by: GRAMA Design (Grunge/Glitch)

*All images used in the video belong to their rightful owners but are used under fair use/demonstration.
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