Tested In-Depth: Dell XPS 13 Laptop (Skylake)

Our senior technology correspondent Patrick Norton joins us this week to review the Dell XPS 13 laptop! This 13.3-inch version of the beautiful XPS 15 also runs on an Intel Skylake Core i5 processor, has a solid keyboard and trackpad, and sports that brilliant display. Here’s why we think it’s one of the best PC laptops available today.

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Shot by Adam Isaak and edited by Norman Chan

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Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli

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39 thoughts on “Tested In-Depth: Dell XPS 13 Laptop (Skylake)

  1. Got dell xps 13 inch, 8th gen i58250U quad core cpu, 8GB of ram and 256gb ssd for $849.99 but bought and upgraded to a 512gb ssd for $170

  2. This adapter should already come along for whoever purchases the equipment, they have sinned in that, Dell.

  3. I can't find an answer anywhere but can you actually edit with premier pro on the dell xps 13 I'm on the market for a new laptop I hesitate between a Dell xps 15, xps 13 and MacBook Pro 13" with Touchbar, I want to be able to edit on premier pro, have good battery life cause I want to use it for university, which should I get? Is it also possible to edit with premier pro on the MCBP 13" with touch bar?

  4. Boderless/edgeless? What about 2" at the bottom? Do not tell me it's for my thumb holder 'cause it's not.

  5. COIL WHINE people … the XPS line is full of coil whine issues … my honest opinion is : do not buy an xps …

  6. Fourth screen replaced. Admire the beauty of the latter:


    I have no words. I leave you comments if they wish to comment.

  7. 17:37 And that's why Linux is a superior OS for most users who simply browse the internet and consume media. For the Linux user on a budget, that i3 4GB model would be fine.

  8. Feels like the only deal-breaker with this Ultrabook would be the Webcam for ppl that actually are in need of onwe

  9. Any more info on the touchpad? My 2014 Dell's touchpad was next to useless. I hear mixed reports as to whether they've improved or not

  10. Guys i wish you did a brief description of the product , it's important highlights and made more demo using it . You were even looking at each telling not-so-really- relevant stories about your individual observations instead of relating direct to us viewers. I fast forwarded this video hoping to appreciate more of it but did not finish your dialogue…, unable to appreciate the product. Hope you watch this yourself to see what i meant. Thanks but only for your attention. 😎

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