The BEST Laptop for Video Editing, Photography & Design for 2019! (MacBook Killer?)

While I was uploading this video, the price dropped $300 on the Asus Zenbook Pro! So even more support to make this a SERIOUS Creative Laptop!

Asus Zenbook Pro 15:
MacBook Comparasion:
Asus Zenbook Pro:
Asus Vivobook:




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22 thoughts on “The BEST Laptop for Video Editing, Photography & Design for 2019! (MacBook Killer?)

  1. I decided to buy this laptop just becouse i want to do some fun stuff like editing photos,videos and making music)

  2. I am currently a 18-year-old who looking in buying a laptop to help my video editing and my youtube channel and i think on buying this my budget is 1300 dollars would this be a good purchase from Lenovo y580 to zenbook

  3. i can't find this exact same model in amazon spain, not even at asus website directly, can somebody help me please?

  4. I like it – I'd like to know the comparison b/w this and the razerblade 15! Im almost buying one of em!

  5. Great vid! I'm a seasoned Mac user though, so I'm not sure how actual this still is, but the reason I got a Mac (10 years ago) was because you never had to invest in antivirus software anymore. Do I still have to get antivirus software for a laptop like this or is that long history?

  6. I want a laptop for creative content most..but now I’m really you think this laptop may help or surface book 2🤔

  7. Would you recommend this or the $2400 Mac book pro I want to do a little video and photo editing but want a really good computer

  8. I liked your video, but damn, more about the actual laptop and less pointless backstory. I seriously almost, clicked away, the only reason I didn't was because I want to see what you had to say about the laptop. Please just get to the meat already, the video is half over right now and I've really learned nothing…lol

  9. Stack this with on of THE BEST Professional Monitors Money can buy right now!

  10. You're definitely making me consider this as a viable editing option as opposed to building a custom desktop tower.

  11. Always here for tech tues. Ive always been a mac user for creative ish, but ASUS is making some big moves, looks cool.

  12. I really like the track pad! Also compared to the Mac Book Pro I love all the ports it has! I can't tell you enough how much I hate having to have dongles for the Mac Book! Great video bro!

  13. Great review! I got the one without the screenpad and it's been amazing so far.

    Also, I opened up my laptop and the RAM isn't upgradable, it's soldered on to the motherboard. Is yours the same?

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