The Most Requested Laptop Review – Dell XPS 9570 ​

The Dell XPS 9570! My new everyday laptop??
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29 thoughts on “The Most Requested Laptop Review – Dell XPS 9570 ​

  1. Hi Sara or to anyone who has an idea, I have a question, is there a huge difference between the newer Dell XPS 15 with and this version?

  2. XPS,,, great untill you have a problem!. Dell have no spare parts and their Pro support is hopeless as a result Next day onsite service is more like next month if you are lucky. .

  3. I love this laptop I'll buy one to edit my videos on it thank you Sara for you're useful contact

  4. Between this laptop (Dell XPS 9570) and the (Lenovo YOGA C940 15"), which one you think is better? I'm about to buy one of them and appreciate your suggestion…

  5. I have the Dell XPS 7590 which is the newer version with the OLED 4k screen and I am so glad I went with this computer. WOW. It's the most quiet laptop I've ever owned and I've owned a lot of them. So this thing is a beast of a machine and is so fast and does everything with ease, but other brands can accomplish that. What they can't accomplish, is the build quality this Dell has. The fit and finish this Dell has. You have to feel the palm rest to understand just how insanely comfortable it is. I've never felt anything like it. Sometimes I just run my fingers over it over and over again and my coworkers are like "what the hell are you doing" and I say, "here, you try" and they're like "oh shit, I get it now."

  6. Não tem uma apresentação ou um review em ptbr, uma vez que temos revendedores Dell no Brasil; e aqui um dos públicos consumidores de tecnologia; principalmente dos produtos Dell??…

  7. I am using it and love it but… please ! Speak about the Thermal issues ! Every time I am editing my laptop is going to buuuuuurn ! And this is a big issue

  8. Hello, I've bought the same laptop however realised that my 4k footage is choppy. Can you recommend settings that you may have adjusted to have premier pro running smoothly with 4k footage?

  9. Great review..
    Quick question though, How's the battery life performance for this laptop when you're fully utilizing it on working some video project?

  10. Some observations: annoying background music, too many odd facial expressions and distracting gestures

  11. I know the gaming laptops are as good looking but I do like the part where the keys light up. I would like to see that aspect of creative laptops. I would love coding on those machines.

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