the new Surface Laptop 3 …Beautiful but Weird

Microsoft Event recap here in NYC with a focus on the Surface Laptop 3!
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Surface Pro 7 , Pro X , Surface Laptop 3 , Surface Neo and Duo , Microsoft Earbuds

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50 thoughts on “the new Surface Laptop 3 …Beautiful but Weird

  1. does anyone have this? I want a laptop for video editing/animation and I'm not sure which one to get.. (dont have the budget for a macbook)

  2. 10:25 it aint a boring song sara, its actually pretty good. you dont have to try to be sarcastic all the time.

  3. The price is reasonable with that speed of SSD. It is something not usually possible to buy in a common shop right now. Nothing in stock with those speeds.

  4. I have read that many have problems with "Touch Current" when the power adapter is connected, what is it, is it a big problem enough to avoid this laptop?

  5. I like to edit, not hard core editing but my own montages and stuff like that. Will this work fine with editing softwares?

  6. What do you guys think the actual percentage of 'content creators' who buy laptops is? I feel like its well under 10% yet you can't watch a tech review video without that cringey term being brought up.

  7. think i'll wait for Linustechtips… If i remember correctly, they do research. in fact im trying to figure out what i really got out of this video…

  8. Been in tech journalism with some larger outlets since 1997. Never give up on AMD, sometimes they'll suprise you.

  9. The ryzen’s gpu performance is barely better than intel’s iris graphic. Don’t know why they used AMD parts at all

  10. i like asus better they have awesome laptops, headsets, monitors,desktops,mice,keyboards, phones,tablets,microphones,

  11. when 2022 hits it could be fricking 13th or 14th gen cpus and new gpus and more bigger gaming laptops could come and get more expensive

  12. Reviews by someone who doesn't really go deeper than "intel is better" – a lot has changed sweetie. Do some research.

  13. Well, guess we ain’t the only non-tech savvy ones around. Some tech tubers also fall in the same category.

  14. Oh boy. 05:04 ghosting? 🙁 I want this laptop so bad, but with a higher response time than the Surface Laptop 2. I've just tried a Thinkpad X395 and the response time was terribly bad. According to Notebookcheck go some high-priced laptops up to 70 ms gray to gray and I do not understand why. I'm not a big gamer, but I see it every time I scroll through the web or watch videos.

  15. Will it run apps smoothly with x86-64 processor requirement like Matlab? Then I want to order immediately.

  16. yeah this is what happens when girls starts reviewing tech… they should go home wash dishes and serve their white af husbands..

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