This Laptop is Better than Macbooks | 4K True Bezel-Less | Dell XPS13

In this video we have shared a quick look to a DELL XPS 13 laptop which is true bezel less in 4K Display and better than Macbooks

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28 thoughts on “This Laptop is Better than Macbooks | 4K True Bezel-Less | Dell XPS13

  1. Finally kuch True Bezzlless aaya to sahi Laptops me aur wo bhi 4K UHD Display me. Wah Mazza aa gaya isko dekh kar.
    Aapko Mazza aaya ki nahi.
    Surprise for everyone

  2. Laptop did not gave any memory card slot which we use DSLR (means) memoryAdapter big size. Like 2gb, 8gb,16gb

  3. शर्मा जी इस लैपटॉप का गिव अवे कब कर रहे हो

  4. Between dell XPS 13 and MacBook Pro which display is better? I need to decide between this 2 laptop and display is important for me. Kindly help.

  5. The sound quality of this laptop is average as compare to mac book pro.
    Secondly the camera placement is odd and the body material of this latop is not that great. I don't think this laptop that worth buying just for the sake of 4k display.

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