Tristan + Lea [Lullaby]

dont forget HD + headphones ❤

Firstly, I wanna ask you how are you???? Are you at home and safe????
I have been more than a month at home, not going out and this is killing me…. as you may know, Spain is suffering a huge health crisis and we do not know when this will end…. families are broken, we cannot see our friends and people who is dying cannot be had a wake by his family…. the situation is awful and the worst part is that we dont know what will happen or when we will be back to “normal life”
So I hope all of you are fine!
Personally, some of you may know I was getting married… we had to postpone the wedding due to the corona virus crisis… It made me really sad and I felt so helpless… but we are waiting to see what will happen here

About the vid… well, this is the only series I have in my laptop right now I left my external disk at home, but I could not go back home when the crisis started, so I have no material here…. And this is the only one show I could watch those days. I am sorry about the quality and not using the German original version, but I could not find it in good quality

The series is pretty good (at least the main plot) How can a social movement start, how just one person can guide people (and how he can manipulate them XD)
I really recomend it! Now we have a lot of free time, so you can check it out!

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► Couple: Tristan and Lea
► Fandom: We are the wave
► Coloring: not mine
► Song: I am sure you know this one



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