Unboxing And Review Of Logitech h111 Headset Michrophone

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This is RedFeather from Grep Haxs in this video we will be doing a quick
unboxing and review of Logitechs h111 headset/microphone

the first thing I would like to mention if you are using an older laptop or computer
you may need to by an additional splitter that can be found on Amazon for about
five dollars for the h111

I was very surprised that Logitech did not make reference to this on there website
@ as they claim no accessory are needed or available

I had watched other unboxing and review videos on the h111 only to note there audio
to be low to which I found odd

so I plugged the h111 into my I Phone and proceeded to YouTube to give the headset
a whirl

the first thing i noticed the volume was low checking my volume settings it appeared
they had defaulted to a lower setting most likely to protect user hearing

thinking in my mind headset listening and volume intake are one in the same
then I went to making my first audio output using the h111 and I was very impressed
with the sound quality

in the making of this video I am using the h111 headset microphone the ease of headset adjustable
behaviour as well as side to side left or right microphone as well as cross platform and quality of sound
and pricing I give this product a ten star rating across the board

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the intro/extro of this video has been provided by alexabaiu1 from his YouTube channel
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