Upgrade & Install SSD & RAM – Dell XPS 15 – XPS 13 – 7950, 9560, 9370 9360 or 9550, 9350

How to install and upgrade your SSD and RAM in the Dell XPS 15 or XPS 13

⏩ Recommended RAM for Laptops:

⏩ Recommended SSD’s for Laptops:

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⏩ XPS 15:
⏩ MacBook Pro 15:

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31 thoughts on “Upgrade & Install SSD & RAM – Dell XPS 15 – XPS 13 – 7950, 9560, 9370 9360 or 9550, 9350

  1. False Title – you can't upgrade RAM on the XPS. Common knowledge, but I came here curious nonetheless. Moving on…

  2. Excellent Video. Very Clean, Clear, Crisp & Focus…
    I just wanted to see tabs on the SSD and you're video is crystal clear…


    By any chance have you cloned internal SSD to a similar SSD via USB in an external enclosure?

    If so, what software did you use?
    What enclosure did you use?

    Have you ever booted from an external NVMe, PCIe, M.2 SSD in an enclosure connected to USB 3 or USB 3.1 ports?

  3. Hie mate, can I get this ssd for me xps15 9560 https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/samsung-970-evo-m2-1tb-64l-3-bit-mlc-v-nand2280-nvme-rwmax-3400mbs2500mbs-500k450k-iops-600tbw-5-years-warranty-mz-v7e1t0bw-samsung/

  4. Thank you for the brilliant video. Just wondering if I could upgrade my XP13 9360's SSD to 2TB or even 4TB? And if so do you have any recommended drives?

  5. don't buy this xps if you intended to upgrade to any nvme 2.0 because it's not supported , just don't waste money

  6. I love how Dell makes it very easy for the consumers to upgrade and replace parts. Also I love how Dell tries to use parts that are Linux comparable (except for wifi). And the best part is opening the back and replacing ram, nvme memory, re-pasting CPU and GPU does NOT void your warranty.

  7. hi I have a xps 15 9550, which ssd do I need? I currently have the 32gb one and its far too small in size, I have no idea which ssd do I need? Can you help me out please..

  8. +Western Gents United
    0:30 did you say T four or T five torx screw driver? I understood T four, but the picture shows a t five screw driver.

  9. Had the XPS 15 for almost a year now, fantastic laptop (9560) with i7, fingerprint reader, 4K touch, 500gb SSD, 16gb ram. Is it worth upgrading to 1tb and 32gb? Did you see an improvement? Also does the Pro SSD make a massive difference over the EVO? Pro seems really expensive. Considering the V-Nand 970 EVO SSD (1tb) as I would prefer the extra storage. Thoughts?

  10. Hi! My XPS 13 9360 (8GB) has integrated memory chips – so I can't replace them 🙁 Why do you mention the 9360 here?

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