XPS 13 (2017) Review – 60% Faster!!!

Dave2D review of the Dell XPS 13. The best laptop from Dell for students and professionals.
XPS 13 Here –
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Their new thin and light laptop with the quad core 8th gen Kaby Lake R CPU. This thing is way faster versus the 7th gen CPU for multi-core applications.

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20 thoughts on “XPS 13 (2017) Review – 60% Faster!!!

  1. Hey Dave! As long as your a local admin you should be able to switch to High Performance mode from local gpedit. go-to administrative, system, power options than choose a active plan. Cheers!

  2. I just got the i5 7200U for $800 CAD (in rose gold). Its the FHD with Touch.
    Still feel like I should’ve got quad-core 🙁 Should I regret ?

  3. On this video i see two youtuber icons and three videos to watch next (1 from another channel)? Youtube is bugging out or what?

  4. Does anyone else have insane screen flickering issue with the xps 13 9630, its so annoying and none of the solution works

  5. dell's laptop support is trash. Got this 9360 when it came out and i'm here reminiscing on how sweet it looked when i received it. Mine took a major hit and the chassis/palmrest is damaged. Dell wants me to wait 30 days before i can make a claim. They were also iffy about the cost even though i have accidental damage coverage. Probably gonna just go through a third party to get it fixed proper. Unless you wanna throw me your old 9360 dave!

  6. is the fhd color gamut that little because of dynamic brightness ? or it is just that little? kinda disappointed because i want to buy the fhd one

  7. Does the 4 finger gesture swipe (virtual desktop swiping) work on your 9360? It doesn’t work for mine, are there touchpad drivers I’m missing?

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