XPS 13 (2018) review: Next evolution of an outstanding Ultrabook

Dell’s 2018 XPS 13 (9370) fixes a lot of things we didn’t like about last year’s model. Here is why the new XPS 13 is still one of the best 13-inch premium Ultrabooks you can buy, as well as where it falls short. See at Dell:


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41 thoughts on “XPS 13 (2018) review: Next evolution of an outstanding Ultrabook

  1. Dell suffers from Microsoft disease. Why not ship the H processors? It's already obsolete before it hits the stores.

  2. People keep complaining about the placement of the web camera, how many people actually use it? 🤦‍♂️

  3. Hello! I'm looking for a new laptop! I've always been a desktop PC user, but due to a new job opportunity portabilit has become a must. I'm trying to decide between the Dell XPS 13 and the MXP by Huawei. I like the design from the XPS a lot better but the MXP's display is just lovely. I'll likely go for the MXP if availability is not an issue when I arrive to the U.S, otherwise I'd go for the Dell. Thing is I'm very concerned about the XPS device. I've been hearing a lot of negative opinions about it, regarding display backlight bleeding, coil whine, device just dying. Reviews for it seem to be more than just positive and brand it as an outstanding machine, but user comments here, and on reddit seem so negative! I'm very worried. Can anyone offer me some counsel?

  4. I am using this latop now. Everything is perfect but the battery. It could only last for up to 6 hours. Even my 5-year-old macbook air can hang in there for 5 hours.

  5. Can i use opera instead and get good battery life compared to chrome or should i stick to edge?

  6. It seems super great and all but I am seeing some terrible reviews on this on Amazon and some of them have like 100+ persons up-voting it. Honestly, I don't know what to think. Can someone help me

  7. @Windows Central I heard the 9370 has Wi-Fi issues with regarding its Killer Wifi chip, does it have any problems connecting to 5 Ghz and maintaining the connection?

  8. I've been searching around watching reviews on this XPS 13 and I really like how you explained things more clearly to those ( like me) who don't know a lot about computers spec's. Your review sold me on this laptop, so I will be pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for the info and 👍 up, and subscribed to the channel

  9. Does Dell Mobile Connect well with Iphones? Most reviews I see they have an Android phone.

  10. I bought this for gaming.
    You know what? Dell 240 Watt power brick for Alienware laptops is actually heavier than a GIGABYTE eGPU box.

  11. can it be used for media (photo, sound and video) editing, which may require GPU support?

  12. The Dell connect app just sold my son on this laptop. I have a Surface Pro 4 i5 which is nice. The XPS 13 will be for my son going off to college in 2018. Thanks for review!

  13. Good review.. First time at this channel.. IMHO, Just please consider the length of the vid..

  14. Compare that to the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen please! I'm deciding between this and that!

  15. Negatives: Chin cam – either mount it in a usable manner or omit it. Lousy Dell support. No LTE SIM for remote connectivity. Lenovo provides that which Dell lacks.

  16. Really awesome review, probably the first one (first time for me) I saw this Dell Connect app, brilliant idea.

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