XPS 13 (2020) Review – Dell Nailed It

Dave2D review of the 2020 XPS 13 (9300). With one of the best keyboards in the market, this is a vastly improved laptop from even the 2019 model.
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41 thoughts on “XPS 13 (2020) Review – Dell Nailed It

  1. They should have added a "lockable" function button as a bonus feature for people who use the page up page down buttons

  2. I think start from 2020, laptop at least have 12GB memory and 500GB ssd.. can't believe some laptops that priced $600+ only have 256SSD + 8GB memory.. Apple is overpriced stuff. Dell XPS, well, still overpriced.

  3. Hi Dave,
    Could you help me with that power button placement in keyboard section? Is not it like moving from QWERTY keyboard to something other? If they really need to put it into keyboard (obviously it is a cheaper implementation), they should have put it somewhere less strategic or a FN_Button+F_something combination.
    1- Nobody has a power button on desktop keyboards (but maybe a sleep button). This is a conflict, right?
    2- Most of the time there is "delete" button instead of on-off button on every keyboard layout and muscle-memory knows it.
    3- Lets say you put that power button into keyboard and there are other buttons around it to use when typing something. The user would hit the power button accidentally at some point, is not it?

  4. bought an XPS 13 a couple years ago. absolute worst decision of my life. The thing freezes constantly, BiOS updates cause more harm than good, and the absolute worst customer service to solve anything. Was hoping this would be a good competitor to macbook pro, saved a few hundred dollars by going with Dell, but will never buy a laptop from them again.

  5. On dell's web, it says max 16 GB ram. But most of the reviews say up to 32 GB ram. So, where is the truth ??

  6. Come on man its not even good, tons of BIOS issues, sleep mood issues, windows update issues screen is literally dust and fingerprint magnet. do a little office work on it fans get in jet engine mood. Plus it has no ports but USB-C. Am saying that after using, supporting struggling with 12 XPS units at my work place.

  7. Dell finally put a 16 by 10 screen in one of their laptops

  8. I was listening without looking at the video and now I'm blocked with an XPS 13 with a headphone jack on the right and not left like you said 😂😂

  9. The carbon fibre thing is HORRIBLE. It soaks up oil from your fingers and it traps dirt and dust. Plus the 'soft' feel rubberized coating is somehow unpleasant to touch. Also its a Dell so it comes broken out of the box.

  10. I don’t doubt your commentary, but Windows is such a pos. I’ll never leave MAC it’s just so much more friendly.

  11. I suppose that the different 3.5mm jack assembly is to avoid sound interference from the motherboard.
    This is an AWESOME "feature".
    This will improve the sound quality coming from that 3.5mm jack significantly.

    Regarding the 4GB option, I agree with you.
    I bought, in 2017, a phone with 6GB of RAM.
    It is not acceptable to see a premium or medium class computer with 4GB of RAM.

    4GB of RAM is for a sub-400$ computer, or a sub-250$ phone.

  12. @Dave Lee I've got a question for you, and perhaps for all techies in general. Can anyone explain that in the year 2020, almost all the laptop makers offer only 16GB options in their ultrabook lineup. The 16GB cap has been there since 2006 and 14 years later there is not a shred of improvement on that end!

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